New flights from Priština

They take you home
Yesterday, December 1, a newly established low cost airline called Tafa Air, began operations from Priština to the Albanian capital Tirana. The airline will be carrying out services with 2 leased Airbus A320s. Tafa Air will initially connect Priština to Berlin, Neubrandenburg, Dortmund and Friedrichshafen all of which will operate on a daily basis (starting December 5). Flights to Tirana will operate twice per day which will add competition on the line, currently dominated by the Albanian low cost airline Belle Air. Tafa Air also plans to lease 2 Ilyushin IL-76TD freighters "by the start of January" in order to operate charter cargo services from the Balkans to mainly Middle Eastern destinations.

The airline has been set up by Albanian businessman Taf Tafa, who has interests in construction and other sectors. It is financially backed by Albanian and Kosovan businessmen. Ova Sami, an assistant at Tafa Ar told “Flight Global” that Tafa Air aims to extend its network to include Austria and Switzerland, with services to Geneva due to launch next summer. It also aims to begin services to London in summer 2010 and is currently negotiating with several London airports - although not Heathrow, which Sami says is "too expensive". Sami says that fares are being set at a level typically around 30% of those charged by existing carriers for next-day services between Western Europe and Albania. Sami adds that the airline's backers are prepared to accept small margins to facilitate travel for the Albanian and Kosovan diaspora. "The major point of our airline is very simple", he says. "It's an ethnic airline and will be a cheap means for Albanians and Kosovans to travel back and forth to their home".

Meanwhile, Air Berlin which last month began serving Priština from several German and Swiss airports announced that by the end of March its passengers will be able to connect in Dusseldorf to US bound flights with an hour brake. Priština Airport has also notified that ČSA Czech Airlines has put Priština on its list of new markets the airline is considering entering.


  1. JATBEGMEL10:14

    Suksesi për Tafa Air.

  2. Anonymous15:24

    I wonder what kind of cargo is going to be coming out of there? "No, sir, that there is powdered cement...I'm in construction business".

    As for Pristina to Tirana? Can you really fill A320 with passengers between those two cities?

  3. Anonymous22:54

    Not unless they're people inside of boxes! Ha ha ha

  4. Anonymous22:55

    Not unless they are bodies inside of boxes!

    Are the Albanians still looking for organ 'donors'?

  5. Anonymous06:40

    Good job Pristina!!!!Btw boxes are going from Nis to BEG or ZRH or.....

  6. Anonymous07:22

    Nice, another carrier, that is all they need, and vise decision to start Tirana!
    And for the IL-76, how nice, very practical, they can export all they have in it: women, organs and drugs!
    Best of luck! ;)

  7. JATBEGMEL09:47

    Albanian aviation is becoming intresting to watch. Albanian Airlines have now a leased B757, a B733, and will get 2 B747 aircraft. I just dont see how they can have such aircraft, considering that Tirana Airport isnt capable of handeling a fully loaded B747. Will be intresting to see how long the IL-76 will last with Tafa Air and the new aircarft with Albanian Airlines.

    @ anonymous

    no, an A320 can not be filled on the TIA-PRN flights. Albanian Airlines and Belle Air both already operate the route and dont do well.

  8. Easier with the words please :)

  9. Anonymous11:45

    Well done PRN. The most progressive airport in the Balkans. :)

  10. Anonymous15:45

    tafa air: a failure!!!

  11. Anonymous09:23

    no wonder, there is no success if poor kosovans work with simon spitz/lahav...

  12. Anonymous09:39

    Be careful, do not book any tickets: now under the new cover "Starairways" Tafa Air people want to cheat others.

  13. Anonymous09:42

    tafa air wants to cheat other people: now it is called Starairways. be careful, do not book any tickets


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