Portorož gets the green light

Soon in Portorož
As reported a few weeks ago here, Serbia’s Jat Airways signed an agreement with the Portorož city authorities that will see the Serbian carrier return to the Slovenian city after a 19 year break. Yesterday, Jat’s first promotional flight to Portorož was diverted to Ljubljana due to strong winds on the Slovenian coast. Nevertheless, a 300.000 Euro deal was signed, which will see all of Jat’s flights to the city subsidised.

Jat will operate flights to Portorož from April 15, 2010, every Thursday and Sunday with the regional ATR72 aircraft. Flights will be operated on a seasonal basis, although they will be extended throughout the winter if there is sufficient demand. Jat’s partners on this new service are Istrabenz Tourism, Bernandin Group, tour operator Kompas, the municipality of Piran, Slovenia’s Tourist Board and the tourism alliance of Croatian Istra. Jat announced that a one way ticket on the new service will set passengers back 30 Euros while a return ticket will amount to 50 Euros (excluding all taxes).

Jat confirmed that flights to Pula in Croatia will continue this summer despite the new service to Portorož. By the 2010 summer season Jat is expected to increase its list of destinations in the region as flights from Niš are expected to resume and flights to Ohrid in Macedonia will also be restarted. Portorož becomes Jat's second destination in Slovenia, after Ljubljana.


  1. Great news and the price sounds reasonable too. Hope it attracts many new passangers. Portoroz has become Slovenian Las Vegas. Good luck JAT!!!

  2. Anonymous22:03

    Their aircrafts literary falling apart during flights: http://www.blic.rs/hronika.php?id=126447

    Ovo sam danas dobio od Adrie.

    Letovi su planirani svaki dan, osim subote u 13:00 iz Ljubljane, dolazak u Beograd u 14:05 .
    U povratku Beograd - Ljubljana u 14:45 - 15:50 , osim subote.

    Ima puno cena. Najeftinija karta Beograd - Ljubljana - Beograd u ekonomskom razredu iznosi EUR 210.20 - pod uslovima,
    ako je vikend ukljucen u putovanje ili barem 3 dana izmedju pocetka i kraja putovanja
    i zavisi od zauzetosti na avionu. Kad su ova mjseta prodana cena je visa. Redna cena u ekonomskom razredu iznosti EUR 475.20

    Kartu mozete kupiti preko interneta http://www.adria-airways.com , i tu su cene uvek 10,00 EUR nizje.
    Cene su informativne, vaze na danasnji dan.

  4. @ Krste

    I think I will rather drive to Portoroz and fly JAT. Is almost twice cheaper than from LJU :)

  5. Anonymous16:52

    I do prefer to pay a bit more and get Adria service than non-existing JAT one with attitudes form socialist 1980. era and outdated (and even dangerous) planes.


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