Profit for Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Airport passenger terminal
Dubrovnik Airport is set to end the year with a profit of 2.7 million Euros indicating that the airport has not been financially hit by the global recession. Airport boss Roko Tolić told the Croatian Times that he was "satisfied" with the results, bearing in mind the period of economic decline. He is expecting a 2% rise in passenger numbers next year, mainly due to the opening of the airport's much anticipated new terminal which will make it the largest in Croatia, ahead of Zagreb.

The terminal, whose construction cost amounted to approximately 22 million Euros, is expected to bring the total number of visitors up to almost 1.2 million. Airlines with a strong presence at Dubrovnik Airport include Croatia Airlines, British Airways and easyJet, with the most travellers arriving from Britain. EasyJet has linked Dubrovnik with six European resorts in 2009, while the airport is also in negotiations with Ryanair to open routes.

From January to December this year the airport recorded a 5.6% passenger decline when compared to last year. By December the airport handled 1.091.079 passengers.


  1. Anonymous11:25

    Did JU say something abot operating flghts to Dubrovnik in summer? I just wonder where they are going to find the plane...
    Unless they make Vienna a 733 flight and use the ATR for Dubrovnik flights.


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