Will the name live on?
Aeromak, Laluna Airlines and Monte Air will not be flying out of Skopje any time soon. The Macedonian Civil Aviation Directorate (ACV) rejected Aeromak’s application for an Air Operators Certificate (AOC), which would have allowed it to commence passenger flights. Whether the Aeromak project (headed by Serbia’s Jat Airways) has been suspended entirely with this set back or whether more applications will be made remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Laluna Airlines and Monte Air have decided not to apply for a license and have axed plans which would see them establish airlines in Macedonia. A Turkish company stood behind the Laluna project while Dubrovnik Airline from Croatia was the mastermind behind Monte Air.

However, one project is on track. The Serbian tour operator Kon Tiki is moving quickly in order to set up Mat Airways. The tour operator raised Mat Airways’ capital by a further 2 million Euros, the Macedonian Central Registry recently announced. Mat Airways will offer charter flights from Macedonia to tourist destinations such as Egypt, Morocco, and Spain’s Tenerife. Flights from Skopje and Ohrid to Belgrade are also planned, Darko Milačić, Kon Tiki Travel owner recently said. Although, the start up airline will soon be facing its biggest challenge – gaining a license from the ACV which has rejected applications from numerous companies since the demise of MAT Macedonian Airlines.


  1. Anonymous13:40

    I wonder if Jat withdrew because Kon Tiki will take over and they will work together...

  2. I wonder what is the motivation and real agenda of the Macedonian civil aviation agency is?

  3. ANONYMOUS20:51

    WOW! How many times in the past have I said that Aeromak would not get off the ground?!



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