Zadar dream run ends

Passenger numbers down
After several consecutive months of substantial growth, in November, Zadar Airport saw a passenger decline. Zadar is not alone as all of Croatia’s major airports reported passenger decreases in November, with the exception of Osijek.

Croatia’s largest airport, Zagreb, saw passenger numbers decrease by 9.7%. It welcomed 145.111 passengers, down by 15.571 passengers when compared to the same period last year. Passengers transiting through Zagreb also continue to shrink, down 73.4% in November. Split reported a passenger decrease of nearly 10%, although the number of aircraft operations from the airport also decreased, somewhat justifying the result. Pula continues loose passengers with numbers falling from 2.114 in November 2008 to 1.647 in November 2009, a 20.8% loss. However, in November Rijeka took over the crown from Pula as Croatia’s biggest looser. The airport saw a passenger decrease of 43.9%. Despite increased operations, November ended Zadar’s dream run as Croatia’s biggest improver. The airport reported a modest 3.8% passenger decline, while aircraft operations increased by 66%, from 260 to 432. Dubrovnik saw passenger numbers slide by 12%.

Croatia’s biggest improver in November, compared to last year, is Osiejk. The airport managed to see a 107.3% passenger increase. The airport handled 199 passengers, up 103 from last November. This result comes despite the fact that the airport reported decreased aircraft operations by 7.8%.

The following table displays the passenger change that airports in Croatia had until December 1, 2009, compared to last year.

AirportPassengers 2008Passengers 2009Change (%)
Dubrovnik1.156.2231.091.079 -5.6
Pula379.554 300.837 -20.7
Split1.142.140 1.052.797 -7.8
Zadar142.489 193.286 +35.7
Osijek14.830 20.422 +37.7
Rijeka108.720 109.902 +1.1

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