Belgrade Airport in 2009

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, Terminal 2
In 2009, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport was severely affected by the global financial crisis with passenger numbers decreasing by 10% compared to 2008. All of the 12 months in 2009 recorded a slump in the number of handled passengers, compared to 2008. Even with Belgrade hosting the world’s largest sporting event of the year in July 2009, the airport did not manage to post a passenger increase. However, on December 19 2009 visa restrictions to Schengen Zone countries for Serbian citizens was abolished and the airport recorded a passenger decrease of only 0.7% during that month. Travel is on the up and in December the airport handled 161.497 passengers compared to 162.690 in 2008. In total, in 2009, the airport handled 2.384.077 passengers, compared to 2.650.048 in 2008. Despite the slump, the airport still handled the most passengers in the former Yugoslavia.

The management of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is largely unfazed by the 2009 result saying that in 2010 Belgrade will have the highest growth in the region. An official statement from the airport reads “At Nikola Tesla Airport travel towards European destinations has been significantly increased since the abolishment of visa restrictions for Serbian citizens. Travel to Europe has been increased by 20%”. The airport also released data showing that since December 19 travel to Milan has seen the biggest increase (45%), followed by Munich (44%), Prague (40%), Rome (32%) and Vienna (30%).

In 2009 the airport handled the most passengers in the month of July (308.710) and the least in February (130.687).


  1. Anonymous11:42

    Do anyone know anything about Nikola Tesla airport development plans for the near future? 2/3 of T2 terminal is renovated-airport bridges and gates and the T1 terminal are not in the best condition.
    Thanks in advance for any answer!

  2. @ anonymous

    dunno how much of T1 will be done up considering itll be a LCC for T2, dunno, they dont seem to be doing any more updates to it or do i just not notice?

  3. ANONYMOUS12:03

    Why should they do anything? Almost all of the growth that is coming to Belgrade (Wizz, FlyNiki, easyJet eventually) are airlines who don't use air bridges, they'll use steps to the fore and aft doors for quicker passenger embarkation/debarkation..

    UNless of course the idiots at BEG force them to use air bridges.

  4. ^ BEG has purchased new busses to ferry passengers to the terminal.

  5. @ anonymous

    gates A1-A8 i believe are considered as T2, which have the old airbridges...T1 i think is gate A9 to A12 ???? Ive seen Germanwings flights parked at A1...

  6. Anonymous14:45

    Thank you all for the inputs. The old air tower should be removed and they should use the space to enlarge the area for gates a6-a9 and do something useful with the area for ex new restaurant taxfree, waiting area,wc.Some of you have maybe used the wc s under the a6 and a7 gates and you will probably know that the airport managm. should do something about it eventhough that area could become a terminal for lowcost carriers. Thanks again

  7. ANONYMOUS17:34


    Those busses will be used to take passengers to/from Wizz flights and others.


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