Emergency at Belgrade

Austrian Airlines Fokker F100
An Austrian Airlines Fokker F100, registration OE-LVL performing flight OS774 from Belgrade to Vienna with 83 passengers and 5 crew, were preparing for departure from Belgrade when the left hand engine began to emit smoke during the engine start. Passengers and crew were evacuated while no injuries occurred. Serbian media reported that the plane was about to take off when the pilots in the cockpit were informed that both engines were on fire. Passengers and crew were evacuated via the aircraft’s emergency slides within 20 minutes. The flight was cancelled with passengers transferred onto Jat Airways’ flight to Vienna.

A number of media in Serbia first reported that the aircraft took off and returned to Belgrade with both engines on fire while others reported a rejected takeoff due to a smoking engine. The latter is the confirmed, correct, version of events. The incident occurred while the aircraft was still parked at the gate.

Austrian offers 3 daily flights from Vienna to Belgrade. The aircraft involved in the incident, named Odessa, is 18 years old and operated for Austrian Arrows. Airport authorities have launched a probe into the incident. All of the airport’s emergency services were seen near the aircraft.


  1. Anonymous09:29

    Evcuated within 20 MINUTES?

    Hope this is typo!

  2. ANONYMOUS13:02


    90 seconds is the MAXIMUM allowable evacuation time from any aircraft, even an A380.

  3. Anonymous15:13

    Seems as Austrian isn't anymore what it used to be either. Engine malfunctions, old aircraft, unfriendly and cold crew...
    That's what happens when you are in an alliance where you have to play by rules of Lufthansa. Slowly but surely, Lufthansa is going to swallow another fish like they did it with Swissair few years ago. Today Austrian, tomorrow SAS....what's next? Adria and Croatia?

  4. ANONYMOUS16:48

    Where have you been?

    Lufthansa *are* the owners of Austrian whose problems are of their own making, not Lufthansa. Lufthansa don't need to bother with Adria or Croatia airlines, they're basically defunct bust airlines with little or no growth prospects (unless they can radically lower their cost structure).

    SAS is even worse, but has a much bigger and more important market for Lufthansa to consider...

  5. JU50017:49

    Hey, first of all let me say thank you for having this blog! It's amazing! Almost every news that is needed about JU, OU, JP, IN and JA can be found here! I visit it every day (sometimes 4-5 times a day :))
    Keep doing as well as you've been doing this for almost 2 years! ;)

    Anyways, I have one off-topic question, but I didn't know where to post it, so, sorry about this.

    It's regarding Olympics flights ATH-BEG-ATH. Do you know what happened to them? There is info on www.beg.aero about flights OA395/396 and OA397/398 that thay're scheduled to begin from february the 1st (at first scheduled for January the 11th). Is that correct? Should we expect some new rescheduling? I know that they had some problems whit these flights, because of Aegeans recently launched flights... Does anyone know anything about it?

    And one more thing - do you maybe have (any) JATs flight list from 1970s till late 1980s, before the awful embargo period in 1990s? I'm interested in flight numbering and long haul destinations... and maybe some that don't exist now? I would really appreciate it. :)
    Thank in advance. :)

  6. JU08822:25

    @JU 500
    Regarding your last question about former JU long haul flight numbers, I was curious too to find that out and found this scanned timetable from 1992, just before embargo started.
    Surprisingly to me, BEG-JFK was JU530, BEG-ORD was JU524, BEG-DXB-SIN-MEL-SYD was JU580, etc... I thought those flights would be numbered as JU010, JU020 or something similar:). It was interesting they have flown LED-JU128 or TEH-JU060...They kept some old flight numbers on current routes even today, while on some routes they have been changed.

  7. JU08822:31

    Meant THR instead of TEH :))

  8. @JU088
    woooow, man, I was looking for this for such a long time!!! Thank you very, very, very much! :D
    I just can't believe it! :D I thought that that's just ancient history and that I would never find those flights! :D

    Hahhah, SJJ JU658, INI JU648, PRN JU772, OHD JU802, SIN via BKK JU470, AKL JU480!!! God, I'm so happy now! :D
    Hey, BEY JU066, LCA JU068... :D
    8 weekly LHR flights numbered JU210 and JU220 :D
    SKG JU446 stayed unchanged and few more... :D
    and the smallest flight number was TIP JU042 :)

    btw-I know that in mid 80s the JFK flight was numbered JU500...they must have changed it in mean time.. ;)

    BTW2-I'm happy for launching JU088 flight again too :)

  9. Hey, what happened to Yamal airlines flight LLM9444 to Moscow? It's no longer in flight schedule :(

  10. @JU088
    Have you seen this? :)

    btw-do you know (or anyone else) is it possible to have some kinda account on airlines.net that would allow you to post in forums, but without paying anything? It's a shame that you have to pay and then become a member with this rights... that's not easy for someone who lives in Serbia...

    @EX-YU aviation - sorry for this OT posts. :) I hope you don't mind...

  11. JU08800:06

    You are welcome!
    Yamal seems gone before even started it:)
    It is possible to register free of charge, go to sign up, then free photographer account, down the bottom.

    As for going of the topic, my apologies too, maybe ex-yu aviation should consider opening some forum here, where we can exchange views about various topics.


  12. @JU088
    Yeap, did that way, but when I tried to post a comment, it didn't let me... Don't know why... I just can not believe that you HAVE to pay just so you could post some comments on a FORUM... weird, right? :)

    One more vote for FREE forum here :D

  13. I saw this evacuation. I was waiting at my flight and was waiting outside the very gate where this took place. I took pictures, but with Serbia obviously being a Police State, I was ordered to delete my pictures by the fascistic airport police. Otherwise the evacuation seemed to have been conducted in an orderly manner. I did not see any sign of smoke or anything. The fact that the plane was evacuated by the terminal, and not on the runway shows that the situation was under control.

  14. Milos14:40

    Rune, I would have smilingly deleted the photos, then made sure to not use the memory card and then when I get home there are plenty of applications you can download to recover the photos from the card, the police are too stupid to realize this


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