The insured fly with Jat

Jat hoping for bigger queues with free travel insurance
All passengers purchasing a return ticket with Jat Airways to a destination within the European Union will now receive free travel insurance, valid during the flight and throughout their stay at their desired destination. The news comes as the company “DDOR Novi Sad” won the public tender.

Health insurance cards for Serbian citizens are not valid in the European Union and they are thus obliged to have travel insurance in a foreign country. Their insurance will be covered simply by buying a return ticket on Jat Airways. The insurance covers up to 5.000 Euros of medical expenses resulting from an unforeseen illness or as a consequence of an accident that occurred during their stay abroad. The insurance will cover the passenger’s costs of necessary hospital or clinical treatment, medicines, medical supplies, transport to the nearest hospital, urgent surgeries due to acute disease, dental treatment due to acute problems, transport to their country of residence and other types of assistance.

"By introducing free travel insurance, our wish is to prove that our care for passengers is not only limited to the time they spend onboard our aircraft", Jat Airways CEO, Srdjan Radovanović, said adding that, "Between numerous companies trying to win over the attention of every passenger, those that succeed will be those that take care of their passengers and try to meet their demands in the best possible way by constantly introducing new services".

The new amenity could particularly entice private companies purchasing tickets for their employees travelling on business. The introduction of free travel insurance is another service outlined in Jat’s 2010 recovery plan. The airline hopes to transport 1.5 million passengers by the end of 2010.


  1. Anonymous09:16

    Good God. That is all I can say.

  2. Anonymous09:51

    Good move.

  3. Anonymous10:38

    inshallah,good move from Jat,now i will travel from Belgrade instead of sarajevo.

  4. Anonymous12:47

    Is food poisoning included? Just a question based on my most recent experiences with the "meal" I've had on their plane.

    I don't want to sound like a horrible person, I hope nobody will have to use it, but I cannot wait until somebody does. I would really like to see how it will play out.

  5. Anonymous13:54

    SO the lesson with the free taxi was not learned?

  6. Anonymous20:57

    Travel insurance was needed for Schengen visa applications. I don't honestly think that anyone will be attracted by something that they didn't want to buy to begin with. Instead, they should deliver what passengers really need: better planes, better departure/arriving times, better meals (if they want to serve at all), and yes, better flight attendants, as these 'oldies' behave that world revolves around them. I'd question the 'free' part of the offer.

  7. New airline, new flights :D
    Cimber Sterling :)
    I just saw... BEG-CPH :)

  8. Anonymous09:21

    Are you sure Cimber is launching flights as I e-mailed them a week ago telling them the situatuion with the serbian diaspora in Sweden and Denmark and they told me that they have no intenetion of starting flights.

  9. ^ You have all the flight information on the right side.

  10. Marko18:08

    There are rumours that Spainair should start flying BCN-BEG route from March.

  11. Marko18:09


  12. Yes, Spanair is beginning a 3-weekly service between Barcelona and Belgrade as of March 29, 2010.

  13. Anonymous01:04

    news for you


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