Jat CEO speaks out

Jat Airways CEO Srdjan Radovanvić
As a new year begins Serbia’s Jat Airways hopes that it will be better in every way. Srdjan Radovanvić who took over as the airline’s CEO in June 2009 speaks about the airline’s plans in 2010.

Regarding the opening of new destinations Radovanvić mentions, “In the coming summer season, we plan to establish flights to Portorož. Also, I believe our passengers will be pleased to learn that we are introducing seasonal lines to Spain”. Speaking about a possible alignment with one of the world alliances Radovanović says, “Joining one of the alliances is one of Jat Airways’ priorities in the coming period. This way, passengers will enjoy many amenities. They will be able to reach their respective destinations faster, at more affordable prices and will not experience delays at airports. We have already held negotiations with SkyTeam, and they have shown the willingness to admit us into their alliance as an associate member without any preconditions”.

Radovanović also says that there is a plan to renew Jat’s aging fleet by redirecting existing costs incurred from leasing older aircraft. “Aircraft whose term of lease expires will be returned and we will proceed with plans to lease newer aircraft. Thus, 2 new Boeing B737-700 aircraft are due to arrive as early as this spring. They will enable us to maintain lines to the Middle East, that is Dubai, without a stopover in Larnaca”, Radovanović told Jat’s Media Centre that released the interview.

Meanwhile, Jat’s promotional ticket sale, entitled “Europe for all of us”, ended successfully with the airline selling 13.813 tickets. The airline had some bad news recently when last Thursday afternoon, without prior notification, Jat Catering launched a strike leaving Jat’s passengers without a meal. Jat Catering has not been part of Jat since 2006 but continues to provide meals to the Serbian carrier. Jat has now begun serving meals provided by Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport Catering. All passengers who travelled on Thursday afternoon can, if they wish to, receive a 200 Dinar (2.2 Euro) refund for their meal.


  1. Anonymous09:07

    Wow 2.2 Euro refund for their meal! What you can buy for it??

  2. Anonymous09:35

    One najlepse zelje! Beats their crappy sandwich any day ;)

  3. @ anonymous

    in Belgrade a pljeskavica, maybe even a bottle of coke or beer to go with the pljeskavica...i wonder why JAT have gone overboard with giving out soo much money in meal refunds :p lmao

  4. frequentflyer11:55

    Why didn't he talk about the scandal at Aeromak (or its upcoming launch)? That would have actually made it an interesting interview...

  5. @ frequentflyer

    hahaha yes :)

  6. Anonymous16:06

    Way too high of a refund for a stale sandwich made up of podrigusa and some horrible cream cheese.

    However, I wonder how much do they charge you for that same meal, on your plane ticket. Who wants to bet that it isn't 2.2 Euro?

    As for the rest of the article, nothing new to see there. We want this, we hope to do that...

    btw, Mr. Radosavljevic, how are the new cars working out? Nice to see that the replacement of Jat's motor pool was higher on the priority list than the improvement of the service, overhaul of the engines, acquisition of the new planes.


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