Jat reschedules Dubai flights

To Dubai from February 09
Jat Airways has moved forward the launch of its Belgrade – Dubai service as reported on Friday. The flights were to be launched on April 01 and substitute the existing Belgrade – Abu Dhabi service. The flights to the capital of the United Arab Emirates are to be terminated on February 04. This would have left an almost 2 month gap between the termination of the Abu Dhabi flights and the launch of Dubai. As a result, Jat will now begin services to Dubai on February 09. There will only be one weekly flight until April 01 when another is to be added. On May 10, a third weekly flights will commence. It has also been revealed to EX-YU Aviation that a fourth weekly flight will be added in June if preliminary bookings show a need for it. The flight up until April will operate with a Boeing B737-300 while the rest will operate with the airline’s new B737-700, if the order for the aircraft is finalised within the next month.

Bookings and reservation for the new Dubai service begin today. With the launch of the new flights, Jat ticks off one of its aims from its 2010 recovery programme. Jat is the only EX-YU airline to offer flights to Dubai. The only two other Middle Eastern destinations in its network are Tel Aviv and Larnaca.


  1. Anonymous13:45

    How on earth is Cyprus in the middle east?

  2. Anonymous14:32

    Geographically speaking, Cyprus is a middle east country.

  3. Anonymous17:06


  4. Nemanja17:57

    Good news i hope this route becomes profitable. Surley Abu Dhabi is not that unprofitable for Jat to ditch it cant they operate on both flights as they did order 2737s or will the other one be used on another destignation? I have heard news of Air Pink begining scheduled operations once their 737 700s arrive where do they plan to operate to?

  5. Anonymous19:27

    I have heard that Air Pink is supposed to be LCC? I do not know, lets hope they will be Balkan's new Ryanair regarding prices :-)

  6. ANONYMOUS00:34

    yeah, right. Keep drinking rakija...

    As for 737-700s, don't hold your breath - there are NO plans for them coming to Jat at all.

  7. Anonymous09:56

    Sorry but you are wrong, Cyprus is located on both plates, the European and the Asian one. Hence why the earthquakes. They have nothing in common with the middle east, religion, culture, habits, language and not even the plates, and they are in the EU so they are European...

    And anyway Jat doesn't list them as Middle East so I dont see why should we.

  8. Anonymous20:15

    Have you got any info about JU flight to/from belgrade via Nis, i have seen Athens and Rome? Is that scheduled or...?

    Does Admin hjave any info abou Windjet flights from Nis? Are there any passangers?


  9. ^ Those were most probably flights that were diverted due to fog.

  10. Anonymous08:51

    Ok, thanks. but all other flights seem to be all right, strange.

    Thank you, anyway.

  11. peter from sydney02:12

    Why is Jat phasing out the 734 in March when it's still operating the 733? Wouldn't you want to keep the newer and larger aircraft longer?

  12. @ ex-yu aviation

    fog hasnt been bad in BEG for the need to divert flights...actually, i always see aircraft arriving and departing BEG...its been active...

    @ peter from sydney

    1 B734 in the fleet is kinda useless...and with CLF at just under 70%, makes more sense brining in smaller aircraft and increasing frequencies on current route i would say. Besides, the YU-AOS isnt much newer, with first flight in late 1989.


    i wonder if Aeromexico's B737WL registered XA-ZIM will be coming into the JAT fleet...


    @ nemanja

    why have both DXB and AUH? DXB has been the better airport for JAT as EK has excellent connections to cities in Oceania to offer JAT, from where they have their most profitable destination - SYD. EY still doesnt have many flights to Australia and have bad connections. Better more flights to DXB than a couple to both cities imo..

  13. Cypriot19:10

    In actual fact, Cyprus is not on a European tectonic plate but between the Asia Minor and African plates. Geographically, Cyprus is usually placed in Asia and the Middle East. Check any atlas or enyclopedia, such as Britannica or the Times Atlas. The UN, arguably the highest and most important international organisation, lists Cyprus under West Asia, as does the UNFAO. When the term "Middle East" was first used by the British government, it included Cyprus and its neighbouring countries (Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel-Palestine and Egypt). Cyprus was also one of the headquaters of the Middle East Command.


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