Maribor terminal expansion

15 million Euro overhaul for Maribor Airport
The Slovenian Transport Ministry is to launch an infrastructure overhaul at the Edvard Rusjan Airport in Maribor, Slovenia's second largest airport. The 15 million Euro project, which will be mostly funded by the European Regional Development Fund, is expected to be complete in 2013. The head of the Slovenian Civil Aviation Directorate, Mirko Komac, told the press in Ljubljana that the project was a logical follow-up to the modernisation of the airport infrastructure carried out from 2004 through to 2007.

The planned revamp is aimed at improving the quality of services, contributing to the development of the region and boosting the competitiveness of the airport, Komac said. He added that investments were a prerequisite for a strong, market-oriented presentation of the airport's international transport capacities. The project includes the extension and overhaul of the passenger terminal, drafting of the airport's master plan and the refurbishment of the airport buildings, Damjan Horvat of the directorate explained. The reconstruction of the terminal will be carried out by construction company SCT and is expected to be concluded in 2011. The master plan, which will provide a development concept through to 2040, will be created by Airport Consulting Vienna and the Ljubljana Urban Planning Institute. It is also expected to be complete in 2011.

The Transport Ministry has prepared documentation to call for applications for a long-term lease of Maribor Airport. The documentation is expected to be published in early February, the ministry said, adding that there is a lot of interest.

Meanwhile, Ljubljana Airport is planning a new passenger terminal, which is expected to be finished in 2012, while the new control centre at Slovenia's main international airport is expected to be complete by April 2011.

Maribor Airport is currently not being served by any airline. It will cater for several airlines, including the national carrier Adria Airways for 2 weeks in April, as a result of Ljubljana Airport’s closure during its runway overhaul. The airport was, for a short time, served by Ryanair in 2008 before the budget carrier completely terminated operations in Slovenia.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX12:32

    Worthless Airport they could close immediately. Slovenia would rather finally start to upgrade its LJU airport. Since years people are waiting to get a userfriendly airport, but the only thing they see, are empty promises and postponements.

  2. Anonymous15:10

    LJU has new T1 with 4 air bridges and Non-Schengen terminal is totally new. There is a plan for additional T2 which will serve as new Schengen terminal. JU520 when was your last visit to LJU airport?

  3. JU520 BEGLAX16:42

    02JAN2010. The plan for a new terminal and 8 airbridges stands since years, but the only thing we saw up to today was the building of the 4 jetbridges for the EU presidency, which is ok, but not enough to keep convenient services to passengers. Today plenty of money is made with non aviation business such as shops, restaurants, cafes, bars. Check out Gates 9-13 for passengers transfering LJU: only a small bar, a duty free shop and a couple of seating accomodations. HR and SI Airports have been sleeping now for decades and it is time that they catch up with other airports investing each decade into their infrastructure. If OU and JP want to be small but fine HUB carriers, they need convenient hubs in order to become attractive for non locals and non ethnic traffics. I think the only highlight we will see in the near future, will be the new terminal of DBV airport, which aparantely should be open in 2010.

  4. Anonymous03:39

    Agree JU520 if you are in transit through LJU it is not a very nice experience

  5. The problem with this airport is the regional problem of disorganised alcoholics. Also the air is not quite right for jet engines, see

  6. The only chance is that LJU exist airport for regular flights like VCE and MBX only for low cost like Treviso. The owner of both airports have to be the same. Around Nord-east Slovenia (Styria) there is no low cost airport like Treviso and Bergamo, but the Region from Graz to Zagreb have a population of 2 mil. inhabitants.


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