Mont Air rises from the dead

Macedonia calling
The Croatian charter carrier Dubrovnik Airline has leased its 2 MD82s to its Macedonian subsidiary Mont Air. In 2010 Dubrovnik Airline hopes to launch flights from Skopje to Western European destinations through Mont Air, despite the fact that recently the airline announced it was axing plans on launching the Macedonian airline and even discontinued its license approval application.

The CEO of Dubrovnik Airline, Zeno Singer, says that the establishment of the new airline in Macedonia will only strengthen Dubrovnik Airline’s position in the region. The MD82s will be leased to Mont Air for the next 18 months and will leave Croatia by the end of January. Singer says that, as a result, Dubrovnik Airline will begin with its fleet renewal process. An Airbus A320 will enter the airline’s fleet in May, joining the existing fleet of 1 MD82 and 2 MD83s (excluding the 2 leased aircraft to Mont Air).

Little is known of Mont Air. Dubrovnik Airline will provide both the crew and technical support for the airline. It is believed that Mont Air is a mixed business venture between Dubrovnik Airline and Albanian businesses operating in Macedonia. Mont Air will first have to gain a license in order to begin operations.

So far, Mat Airways is also hoping to establish services from Macedonia in spring, while Aeromak, another start up hopeful was rejected by the Macedonian Civil Aviation Directorate.

Dubrovnik Airline ended 2009 with a 2.5 million Euro loss, blamed on the global financial crisis.


  1. frequentflyer10:12

    Congratulations to Dubrovnik Airlines. Do we know if they will be operating regular flights out of ZAG as they did in 2009?

    And any word on Aeromak? I don't see it ever getting off the ground (no pun intended).

    As for the 320, if it's the one OU is letting go then not much has to be changed on the plane registration...

  2. peter from sydney10:37

    EX YU, I think setting up a forum would be really good!

  3. Damn……, and I was hoping to see some Boeing aircraft in Dubrovnik colours. But I guess the A320 was to be since a few OU pilots went to Dubrovnik a few years back and would already have type rating plus experience on type.

  4. Shalom!13:35

    Does anyone know WHY Aeromak's license was denied? What are the regulations for gaining the license as such?

  5. ANONYMOUS15:36



    I would LOVE to go through the archive of articles you've posted over the last 12 months to see all the nonsense written about what is happening in Macedonia and NONE of it has come true or is likely to (with the exception of Airlift/SkyWings).

  6. Anonymous00:37


    A JAR OPS 1 -compliant national regulation is in force in Macedonia.
    Although I doubt that politics has nothing to do with any of this - especially if Mat Airways ends up getting an AOC/OL before any other...

  7. @Frequentflyer Dubrovnik Airlines cancelled their regular flights out of Zagreb before they started stared. So they hadn't any regular flights last year. I don't hope that they will try it again this year.
    A320 in Dubrovnik will be leased so taking over of leaving OU plane is not possible. Also Dubrovnik used to fly with ad-hoc chartered A320s occasionaly last year during high season, mostly from Bulgarian AirVia.

  8. ... and one more note. MD-80 in Montair colours is painted in Dubrovnik and you can see it on Dubrovnik Airport web-cam on their web-pages.

  9. Anonymous05:02


    I would love to see your articles on your blog written in English as well.

    My Croatian is not the best and I used to visit the website all the time.

  10. sorry, it was changed because a newspaper magazine is copying it to their news :(

  11. Anonymous00:22

    Macedonia need serious airline,
    skywings is a finacial bankruptcy company

  12. Anonymous14:58

    hello i hope so much that Montair can start to fly that will help so much for maceonia and dubrovnik.
    They people who invest there wait so long for the lizen they wait 7 years but they hope it start and i hope it to.

  13. Anonymous15:03

    i dont know why montair not became the lizenz they ivest so much monney and after that they must wait so long.
    i lkie tat mont air fly and the men from montai sabri can work faster to open montair


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