New flights to Belgrade

Belgrade's latest customer
The Greek based Aegean Airlines inaugurated daily flights from Athens to Belgrade on January 1. Aegean adds further competition to the route which is currently served by both Jat Airways and Olympic Air. From January 11, Olympic will be increasing the number its frequencies to Belgrade from 1 daily to 11 weekly. Aegean Airlines is Greece’s largest scheduled airline. In total, 23 weekly flights will now be available for passengers to choose from on this route.

Meanwhile, a Russian airline named Yamal will begin scheduled services from Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport. Flights will commence on February 3 and will operate 2 times per week. This will bring the total number of flights between Belgrade and Moscow to 16 per week. Belgrade will now also be connected to Domodedovo Airport as both Jat and Aeroflot operate flights to Sheremetyevo. Yamal Airlines is the third Russian airline to operate flights to Belgrade after Aeroflot and Gazpromavia.


  1. Anonymous09:05

    I don't see how Aegean is a low cost, they offer you a meal and drinks with a decent legroom and all the benefits a decent airline offers, no extra charge!
    And above all their prices are all but low cost...
    My mum flew on Olympic from Athens on the 30th and she told me that there were about 30 passengers on the flight, is there really that much demand?

  2. Anonymous09:10

    How much is a return ticket to Moscow on Yamal?
    I am kinda surprised that they started flying to Belgrade before S7... Belgrade starts to look like a real airport!

  3. Anonymous09:43

    AEGEAN Airlines ar not a low cost carrier, and will be a Star Alliance memeber from 1st of May 2010. And we wishes them god luck at belgrade airport! PhilSwe

  4. Anonymous12:03

    As Greek-Serbian I am glad that competition is now among 3 airlines on BEG-ATH route (A3, JU and OA). It is to hope that fares will be lovered to reflect this competition.

  5. Anonymous12:28

    Aegean is most certainly not a LCC, it will join Croatia Airlines and Adria in Star Alliance during 2010. JAT is more low cost.

  6. Doot13:17

    We are witnessing the beginning of a renaissance for Belgrade!

  7. Mihajlo15:31

    Increasing? Olympic hasn't cancelled its service to BEG? 'Cos the destination exists in the booking system but it's impossible to book anything and not a single OA plane has landed in Belgrade for days.


  8. Anonymous17:55

    It seems to me as if Aegean has completely taken over the routes to Belgrade from Athens. The Greek government allows only one greek airline to fly toBelgrade and the right has been given to A3...

  9. ANONYMOUS18:54

    Aegean is NOT low cost!!!!!!!!!

    They are a lot of things, but LOW COST is not one of them.

    They are an extremely inefficient, poorly run airline that was started by many ex-Olympic Airline people - which says it all.

    Please amend the article accordingly.

  10. *****NEWS FLASH*******

    Wizz is also likely to begin services from Belgrade for the start of the summer season (end April) pending finalisation of an agreement with Belgrade Airport and the Serb CAA.

    If so, this will be the biggest news in ex-YU by far. Hopefully the days of the joke national carriers are numbered...

  11. Anonymous13:31

    Hmmm I see one 320 placed there, but i wonder where it will fly...
    Naturally to the UK and I suppose to Germany as well

  12. ANONYMOUS15:17

    Barcelona, Madrid, Dortmund, Paris Beauvais, Brussels, London and Frankfurt Hahn would be good bets of likely initial destinations.

  13. Anonymous14:38

    I don't think Wizzair would start Germany right away, the market is too saturated, but I could see them flying to Switzerland first...

  14. Anonymous17:20

    Yes, Switzerland could do, and maybe one destination(which doesn't exist already) in ex Yu region.

  15. ANONYMOUS20:30

    Wizz will not fly from Belgrade to anywhere in the ex-YU region.

    Germany is not saturated at all - what are you talking about! There is a huge amount of room in the market at a price point 50% lower than Germanwings/Lufthansa/Jat that will make it worthwhile for people to switch from driving to flying.


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