New terminal in May

Dubrovnik Airport's new terminal
In May, just before the start of the high summer tourist season, Dubrovnik Airport will open the doors of its new, multi million Euro, terminal (terminal B), which is currently the largest infrastructure project in the country. The new terminal stretches over 13.700 square metres and has 2 air bridges connecting the terminal building with aircraft. It is the first airport in Croatia to have air bridges.

In the arrivals hall, located at the ground floor of the terminal, one will find 3 conveyer belts for baggage claim, 2 for international flights and 1 for domestic services. The first and second floors stretch over 1.300 square metres and will contain 4 gates and 2 air bridges. Offices and a gallery will be placed on the third floor. The new terminal will also have retail space of up to 575 square metres where a duty free shop, 2 coffee bars and a bistro, as well as tour operators’ offices will be located. A VIP lounge will take up 125 square metres.

Dubrovnik Airport will become the most modern airport in Croatia, well in front of the country’s main airport, Zagreb, which is still pondering over the construction of a new terminal.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX11:11

    Original plans for 2011 reconstruction was planned for 7 gates, 4 jetbridges, total 36576 m2

    Any info if this will still happen for 2011?

  2. peter from sydney13:06

    The first airport in Croatia to have airbridges, wow, how behind the times are they?

  3. JU520 BEGLAX15:38

    very annoying... probably 2-5decades....dependent where you are in Ex Yugoslavia...

    greetings to Sydney

  4. I think it is 4 jet ways not 2. That’s what it looked like to me when I saw the building in August.

  5. frequentflyer09:10

    So airport terminal expansion in Croatia IS possible...

    Surely it would be more important to see flights being less *seasonal* into DBV - who else apart from OU serves the airport during the winter?

  6. Anonymous10:41

    British Airways connects London Gatwick with Dubrovnik year-round.

  7. nice work...hope ZAG will get a bigger better terminal in the near future...any other Croatian airport getting new terminals, PUY, SPU???

  8. According to wikipedia:

    Expansion of Split Airport will happen in 2 phases.

    Phase One, 2009-2011
    Expansion of the airport ramp by 45,000 m²
    Purchase of Croatian Air Force and Defense land.
    Phase Two, 2012-2014
    Construction of a new 25,000 m² airport terminal with 4 jetways
    Adding a new taxiway, parallel to the runway
    Construction of an 85,000 m² airport ramp.

  9. @ Q400

    nice stuff :) hope it is realised.

  10. Split airport need expansion probably even more then Zagreb. It is not uncommon that during the summer at Split they have out side check in areas. That is as soon as you get off the bus you check in.

    The other plan was that the current runway would be turned into a taxi way with a new runway built parallel to the existing one.

  11. Anonymous03:40

    Due to small apron (which is currently being extended) and small terminal, SPU is slotted airport during summer. They are even considering banning GA completely during weekends.

    @ Q400
    The plan to turn current runway into a taxi way was(is) for Dubrovnik. Don't think it can be done for Split with all the geographical obstacles, plus it would mess up military side of things ( :) )

  12. @ Anonymous, thanks for the post!

    Brings back great memories. First time I visited Croatia was in 94, Croatia had a number of Mig 21's based at Split and they flew almost every morning. My old man used to take me there with my cosine to watch them cross the road.

    This is a much newer photo and a bit of a surprise because I thought Split was not used as a base anymore.


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