Skopje - Rijeka

From Skopje to Rijeka with Skywings
On December 25, 2009, Skywings International Airlines, which has taken over the bulk of MAT Macedonian Airlines’ passengers since its collapse, has begun scheduled services from Skopje to Rijeka in Croatia. The service operates twice per week, every Monday and Friday. The flights are scheduled to run all through 2010 and are operated by the Boeing B737-300.

A spokesperson from the “GAT Executive” company, which is organising the flights said, “These are charter flights, but they will operate on a regular basis twice per week while the ultimate goal is that they become a regular service. If the need for more flights is shown we are ready to introduce an additional weekly line, and I must point out that so far there has been great interest”. He continues by saying that businesspeople and tourists are expected to be the main customers on these flights. The service will also help boost passenger numbers at Rijeka Airport during the winter months when travellers are almost non-existent.

The GAT spokesperson said that the company’s aim is to establish regular services from Rijeka to all capital cities of the former Yugoslavia. He says that flights from Rijeka to Belgrade are on the verge of being established and that the future flights would operate daily.