Sunny outlook for Croatia

More flights to Croatia
All indications point to a successful 2010 tourist summer season in Croatia. The latest boost to the industry is the opening of Germanwings’ new base in Hanover. The low cost German airline will begin services from Hanover to 4 destinations in Croatia including Zagreb which has up until now had a slim offering on behalf of low cost airlines. On April 27, 2010 the airline will connect Hanover in Northern Germany to Split and Zagreb 3 times per week. Both flights will operate every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Zadar will also benefit with the introduction of a 1 weekly (Saturday) service commencing on May Day. From May 2, Dubrovnik will also be connected to Hanover once per week (Sunday). All of the flights will be operated by the airline’s signature Airbus A319.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Aeroflot will double its frequencies to Split this summer. The national carrier of Russia ill operate up to 4 weekly flights from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport using its Airbus A320 aircraft, starting May 27. During the 2010 summer season, Aeroflot will also increase its frequencies to Zagreb from 4 weekly to daily flights.


  1. Anonymous09:57

    Great news!

    Does anyone know if Germanwings are planning to add flights to Belgrade? I am sure they will for the summer...

  2. Anonymous16:52

    Great news indeed! Actually I wanted to ask the same question, what about Belgrade, and Sarajevo too?

    Any news about Wizzair and Belgrade "project"?

  3. Zrak23:00

    @2nd Anon: GermanWings is already flying to SJJ from Stuttgart and Köln.

  4. Anonymous12:28

    Nice to see Zadar getting more and more flights


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