Wizz Air to Belgrade

From Belgrade to Dortmund and London
One of Europe’s largest low cost airlines, Wizz Air, has finalised its plans for services to Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport. The airline has stepped away from its idea to base an aircraft in Belgrade and fly to various destinations. Instead, it will only serve Serbia’s capital from two cities – Dortmund and London. Dortmund Airport, in Western Germany is entirely served by low cost and charter airlines. Wizz Air would fly from London’s Luton Airport to Belgrade. The airline did not manage to secure concessions from Belgrade’s Airport management. Although the management was ready to agree to all of Wizz Air’s terms, which would see landing and handling fees slashed for the airline, it was unable to do so as other full service and low cost airlines flying to Belgrade requested equal treatment.

Wizz Air’s flights to Belgrade are expected to begin in April and tickets should be on sale within 2 weeks. Wizz Air will be the fourth low cost airline to serve Belgrade after the arrival of Niki in February.


  1. ANONYMOUS10:45

    Exactly as I predicted a couple of weeks ago - who was it who said that they wouldn't fly to Germany because the market was too 'saturated'?

  2. Ah, lets hope that BA/JAT monopoly on LON-BEG-LON route ends!!!

    Current price for return, mid week, three months in avance ticket with either is sometimes only £50 cheaper than LON-NYC-LON!

    Fingers crossed!

  3. Anonymous11:30

    When are we going to know more about the frequencies and the times?

  4. Same destinations LTN/DTM Wizz is now running from ZAG.

    LTN-ZAG is three times a week (winter schedule), starting from 20€.

  5. Anonymous17:52

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    :-)))))))))))) Finally :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  6. Wizz Air hasnt been much cheaper in ZAG with at times better offers coming from OU than Wizz Air. But welcome to BEG Wizz, hope they will assist in bringing down air fares here...would be nice for BEG airport taxes to come down a bit too.

  7. frequentflyer11:59


    That's because they can see there's profits to be made by keeping the prices high. And if you're faced with high prices with a full-service carrier or a discount one you'll take the full-service one every time...

    I predict the next line for W6 will be ZAG-MMX to provide competition to flights to CPH...

  8. ANONYMOUS12:00

    @ Anonymous:

    Tickets on Wizz from BEG will go on sale in 2 weeks time at the start of February with flights starting start of April...

    Stay tuned for easyJet - likely to arrive in BEG in October.

  9. @ anonymous

    would love to see easyJet here in BEG :)

  10. Anonymous17:38

    Even though I really like OU, but you just cannot compare the prices with Wizzair, I am planning to fly to Zagreb from London the end of April and I have found return ticket for £55(this is including optional charges as they call them- check in luggage!!) and my both flight are on WEEKEND days! That is called a great deal! Id anything similar we see from Belgrade regarding prices thata is just going to be fab!!! I cannot wait for Wizzair at BEG and all others LCC! I really do not see any reason why Ryanair would not start flying rom there, some "unusual" destiantion(they would not be a competition then to any current destination!!), lets say Canary Islands(warm and very nice destination all year around, nobody flies there and I think it would be great that people from Ex YU start going for a holiday somwhere else apart classic destination like Greece, Turkey, Egypt, etc!), or Barcelona, Lisabon, Porto, Nice,etc or any unusual" Schengen country's city for a weekend break! That is just a thought! I hope I will be booking my flight to Belgrade in two weeks time with Wizzair! Pozdrav svima

  11. Anonymous23:52

    IMO I would love to see easyJet in BEG, rather then Ryanair.
    Way better.


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