B&H B737-700 roll out

B737-700s soon in Sarajevo
In just over a month B&H Airlines will become the first operator of the Boeing B737-700 in the former Yugoslav region. The airline will commence revenue flights with 2 B737-700s on March 28, 2010, compliments of its owner Turkish Airlines. Fittingly, the first revenue flight will be between Istanbul and Sarajevo. One of the aircraft has already received a full rotational schedule for its maiden day, while the second is only scheduled for one flight, although this is expected to change as new destinations are likely to be entered into the schedule.

B&H Airlines will operate the new aircraft on services to Istanbul, Copenhagen, Zurich, Düsseldorf, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Soon, the airline is also expected to announce the launch of its flights to Amsterdam. As is often the case with B&H Airlines, transparency is not at the highest level of priorities and thus there are conflicting reports about the arrival of the second B737-700. Although it is scheduled to operate flights on March 28, some sources claim that the aircraft will arrive in late summer of 2010 and that the B737-400 will stay in the fleet until that day. As it currently stands, the B737-400 is to perform its last revenue flight on March 27 as flight JA102 to Istanbul, departing Sarajevo at 18.30 and it will not be returning home. Any developments regarding the second B737-700 and the B737-400 will be reported.

Below you can see the scheduled rotation for the B737-700s on their inaugural day - Sunday March 28, 2010:

1st B737-700

Flight numberRouteDeparture / Arrival time
JA103Istanbul - Sarajevo08.00 / 08.50
JA424Sarajevo - Stockholm (via Copenhagen)09.45 / 14.05
JA425Stockholm - Sarajevo14.50 / 17.45
JA102Sarajevo - Istanbul18.30 / 21.20

2nd B737-700

Flight numberRouteDeparture / Arrival time
JA306Sarajevo - Zurich07.15 / 08.40
JA307Zurich - Sarajevo09.35 / 11.00


  1. Anonymous10:16

    Does ADMIN or anyone else have any info about passangers from TZL(to Istanbul and Frankfurt) and BNX(Zurich), when I say this, I mean average numbers per month or something like that?


  2. JU520 BEGLAX10:27

    Dear Anonymous,

    If interested I can give you daily passenger figures for JP flights (europewide), but I have no access to other Carriers

  3. Hey everyone, been a while!

    As stated, conflict about 737-400 or -700.

    Most likely 737-400 will remain in the fleet during Summer Season and will mostly operate IST and possibly AMS flights.

    As previous summer season had, DUS will mostly see ATR's I guess..


  4. Peter from Sydney11:20

    Are these planes ever full leaving and coming into Sarajevo? Me thinks not.

  5. Anonymous11:24

    One good news for B&H , they finally have payment on-line payment option on their site
    Additionally it looks like the extension of Sarajevo Airport is going ahead:


  6. Anonymous17:14

    Super vijest za BH Airlines kao i za cijelu Bosnu i Hercegovinu.Novost u ljetnom redu letenja je takodje i povecanje letova za Skandinaviju.Od aprila 2010 BH Airlines red letenja ce izgledati ovako
    Istanbul 7x
    Bec 6x
    Frankfurt 4x
    Cirih 4x
    Kopenhagen 3x
    Stokholm 3x
    Geteborg 3x
    Dizeldorf 2x

  7. Faris17:48

    @Peter from syndney.

    What do you mean bu your comment, its very vague.

    I hope they both arrive on March the 28th. I beleive the 1st 737-700 is currently registered XA-LUN and is with Aeromexico. Currently just over 4 years old.

    Anyone wishing to get an idea of the new 737-700 in BH Airlines colours check this out:



  8. Anonymous17:51

    Nothing to do with B&H Airlines, but it could mean something in future for BiH, Wizzair finally starts flying from Belgrade to London(Luton) 24th July 3 times per week and to Dortmund June 12th. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    p.s. @JU520 BEGLAX I would really appreciate if you coud give me numbers for BNX and TZL please(JP is the only flying from there anyway!) Thanks

  9. Yeeeesssss :DDDDD
    Finally! :)
    I'm so glad! :)
    3 times a week both destinations on Wizz air :D

    Btw - I'm glad for JA too! That's great news for Sarajevo airport! ;)

  10. Wizz Air flights :D

    W6 896 Dortmund - Belgrade @ 08.10h (2,4,6)
    W6 895 Belgrade - Dortmund @ 10.45h (2,4,6)

    W6 892 London Luton - Belgrade @ 14.05 (2,4,6)
    W6 891 Belgrade - London Luton @ 18.35 (2,4,6)

    I don't think that flight numbers are correct thou. (I checked it on wizzair.com)

  11. JU520 BEGLAX20:24


    I have no figures for JP from TZL and Banja Luka, they are not going there. Can give u figures SJJ-LJU or LJU-SJJ or any destination JP serves.

  12. Peter from Sydney00:38

    @ Fardis will this be another one of B&H big fanfares of opening new routes and increasing capacity only to close them a week or two after? Does Sarajevo have the outbound passangers to fill all these flights?
    On the livery of the airline, disgusting!

  13. frequentflyer00:43

    Let's wait and see until they arrive. I'm predicting 73G and 734 side by side even though the 734s are just too big for the airline... It wouldn't be surprising to see B&H take over the 2nd SJJ-IST off TK on its return from ZRH, leaving an evening run to AMS to fill out the schedule.

    And can someone explain to me how the plane turns around at ARN in 5mins as listed in the table?

  14. Faris10:15

    @Peter, Well the only new destination seems to be Amsterdam because by the looks of it they are going to focus on their current destinations. Which should mean there are no randomly opened routes like in the time of Air Bosna.

    On the livery, it should be almost the same as the current 734. That link is by no means offical, but I do like the winglets...

  15. Faris10:24

    Also, its not just about the outbound passengers. Most BH Airlines passengers in theory should be diaspora visiting Bosnia, and there should be plenty of them becoming outbound passengers.

    Any news on the JAT 737-700 also meant to arrive in March?

  16. Zrak17:57

    @Peter from Sydney

    Was flying between ARN and SJJ few weeks ago. Around 80% load both ways but they were landing both in Gothenburg and Stockholm and they have cut frequency to Scandinavia in January. So yes they can fill them up but only by having intermediate stops.

    IMO 734 is definitively too big for JA during winter schedule.

    I am suspecting they will keep it during summer season for covering Scandinavia where lots of bosnian expats live.

    Unrelated I can see three routes making sense for JA.

    Brussels - BiH is one of the three countries in Europe (together with Belarus and Albania) that does not have direct connection to Brussels.

    Amsterdam & Oslo- Lots of bosnian expats. Although DY is already connecting Oslo & Sarajevo.

  17. Zrak18:05


    What do you mean by no randomly opened routes? They just did that with Podgorica, Berlin & Prague. (less than 4-5 months ago)

    Although Prague can be external factor (due to CSA problems) Podgorica & Berlin were plainly stupid moves.

  18. Faris19:55

    Berlin was a bad decision, all main German cities with Bosnians in are covered.

    Podgorica makes sense as it is ex-yu but not enough interest, most likely high prices.

    Not a huge aviation market for Bosnia anyway... Maybe a future winter Olympics would boost travel, but I can't see it happening.

  19. In other news Banja Luka - Zurich will be cancelled as B737-700 starts to fly to Zurich.

  20. Faris00:50

    Banja Luka flights = 0?

    Surely a few flights will be still operated by an ATR?

  21. Found some slot requests by BH Airlines for flights to Amsterdam.

    Supposed to be daily, but no allocation made for the flights yet.

    In the schedule (as current status is) the flight would only fit on days 1, 3 and 6.

    Lets hope for the best and wait and see!


  22. Faris23:14


    How do you find these things?

  23. frequentflyer09:39

    @ Bo

    Interesting stuff! AMS would be surprising if operated more frequently than thrice-weekly, biggest question would of course be whether flights are timed to connect from N.America and/or Asia. And assuming JA have a partner airline in mind...

    Does this mean we have some freed gaps now using the ATRs? And might we actually see JA putting them to their proper use (short-haul) to cities where they could turn a profit such as ZAG or BEG?

    There was a proposal to have one AT7 overnight at ZAG which never came to fruition, with a short morning flight this would be possible.

  24. @ Faris and FrequentFlyer

    Well there were some rumours about ZAG and BEG, cause the ATR's aren't so busy anymore cause the ZRH leg is taken over by 737..
    But I'll stick to the AMS story since I've got more info on that.

    the request states arrival @AMS around 10Am and departure from AMS around 11Am everyday.
    However, current schedule wouldn't allow this on everyday --> 1 Boeing arrives at 08.50 from IST @ SJJ, so the other Boeing should be used for AMS flight. But ther is also a morning ZRH flight on certain days. So rescheduling the AMS times to fit it after the ZRH flight will be needed, or it won't be able to operate daily.

    Please give me your thoughts :).


  25. Faris00:50

    That is true, but is there even scope for daily flights? Would they have good load factor?

    They don't even cover any of scandanavia daily, why Amsterdam? Anything about London?


  26. Would Star Alliance be a possibility since Turkish Airlines is Star Alliance? They could connect to Continental, United, or US Airways flights from the US then.

  27. Delivery of the first 737-700 seems to be delayed now until June.
    Nothing even mentioned about the second one.

    This means in general that DUS and ZRH flights will operate with ATR-72. About other destinations you'll be informed.


  28. Faris00:15

    Wow! So many delays. Another summer but no new routes!


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