BH’s B737-700s delayed

The waiting game
The arrival of 2 B&H Airlines Boeing B737-700 aircraft has been delayed by more than 2 months. The aircraft, complements of Turkish Airlines, were initially planned to enter service on March 28. The first revenue flights were to be performed by the aircraft on route from Istanbul to Sarajevo, while the other from Sarajevo to Zurich. The arrival of the aircraft has now been moved to June 1. B&H Airlines will, until that date, continue to use its Boeing B737-400 along with 2 ATR72s. The B737-400 was to be returned to its owner upon the arrival of the -700 series aircraft.

B&H Airlines will operate the new aircraft on services to Istanbul, Copenhagen, Zurich, Düsseldorf, Gothenburg and Stockholm. The airline’s planned new service to Amsterdam may be delayed until June as well. As it currently stands, the B737-400 is to perform its last revenue flight on May 31 as flight JA102 to Istanbul, departing Sarajevo at 18.30 and it will not be returning home. Any further developments on he arrival of the new aircraft will be reported here.


  1. Anonymous16:28

    Isn't it more than obvious that these kind of planes are too big for such an airline... Give them two Embraers or CRJs...

  2. Anonymous16:36

    This is still very much speculation!

    Officially, first 737-700 is coming before end of the March.

    Will see...

  3. I agree E-jet or CRJ 700 or bigger CRJ should better fit in the fleet. I think ATR-72 was a mistake from the begining because regional routes suitable for ATRs are mainly already occupied by other airlines ZAG, BEG, LJU, VIE, BUD etc...

  4. frequentflyer05:00

    The move to a 73G from the 734 is right - around 20 fewer seats, much more fuel efficient. Whether it is still too big is debatable - if this aircraft is designed for long-term use then perhaps its not a bad choice after all, especially for busy routes.

    Was there any reason given for the delay? Or as usual, this is just the result of the chaotic operating methods?

    @ Aerocroatia

    You're only half right. JA is using these planes on the WRONG routes - being designed for short trips with high utilisation rates such as the destinations mentioned. Yet they won't take on their competitors from their home market?

    There is no reason why the airline is not running one daily flight to ZAG, especially given the interline agreement with OU is no longer applicable, and the route could cope with thrice-daily flights in the next 12-18 months.

  5. Armin17:43

    Mislim da su napravili pravi izbor, 2x 737-700. Jedino sto im smeta sada jeste ATR72, njega bi trebalo zamijeniti sa avionom kao sto je Embraer E175. ATR dati nekome na lease i tu se moze nesto profitirati. Avioni su stari i mala je mogucnost da se mogu prodati. 737-700 je super za summer season jer sarajevo je preplavljeno BH dijasporom. Takodjer BH Airlines treba uvesti dnevne letove za Cirih, Frankfurt, Bec i Amsterdam radi putnika koji ce ljeti dolaziti iz USA. Mislim da bi BON sa 737-700 i niskim cijenama imao sanse na rutu za Budimpestu.

    Pozdrav Armin


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