Croatia Airlines heads for strike

Unhappy cabin crew to go on strike
It is a week of strikes in the aviation industry. First Lufthansa’s pilots launched a 4 day strike which was suspended late on Monday evening. On Tuesday, the air controller’s union in France began a strike creating delays at Paris airports. Furthermore, British Airways cabin crew voted in support of a strike and Greece’s air controllers are also heading towards a second strike in as many weeks. Croatia Airlines is the latest to be added to the ever expanding list. Cabin crew of Croatia’s national carrier will stop work on Friday, February 26, over a 10% salary decrease. Last ditch negotiations between the management and cabin crew failed, although it did better with 4 other unions which will not be striking.

The cabin crew are unhappy with a proposed 10% pay cut, a 30% per diem decrease and the loss of other benefits such as meals, annual bonuses and solidarity bonuses. The leader of the cabin crew union announced that the union has already agreed to a 5% pay decrease but will not agree to 10% or a per diem decrease of any kind. A total of 160 cabin crew members will be on strike on Friday although, due to law regulations, 20% of cabin crew will have to work which would allow 11 flights to be carried out, Croatian business magazine “Lider” reports. However, as each strike day continues a smaller amount of cabin crew will be required to work.

An airline statement reads that the strike will cost it 600.000 Euros per day, which the cabin crew have labelled as misleading. The airline’s modified schedule for this Friday can be viewed here. Croatia Airlines will publish Saturday’s schedule (February 27) today at 15.00 CET on its website.


  1. Maybe BA's spoilt crew should read about this!

    They'd commit collective suicide for 10% cut!

  2. Anonymous11:12

    that younger stewardess looks hot :P

    on a more serious note, that flight schedule looks very slim! Which flights will not be operated on that day?

  3. So what stopped the other unions from striking?

    I'm a bit disappointed the other unions are not supporting the cabin crew and not striking.

    Any pay cut from an airline which already pays so little compared to industry standards is a shameful joke!

  4. Anonymous13:59

    Sparky great point :-) hahahah about Ba crew! That is good and probably true!!! Comparing to another industries BA crew really have great benefits!
    Does anyone know which EX YU airline's crew is the best paid anyway? Adria? Montenegro?

  5. Anonymous14:41

    ^ More importantly who gets the biggest daily pay? I mean, all cabin crew get on top of their fixed monthly wage extra cash for each performed flight. Often the amount they get for each flight is more important to them then their fixed wage so no wonder they don’t want to see it decreased by 30% at Croatia Airlines.

  6. I think the best paid crew is probably Adria's. They also tend to have best looking crew :)

  7. JU520 BEGLAX00:14

    Cabin crew of JP earns more money as a JP dispatcher and amounts to around 2000 EUR net monthly

  8. Anonymous03:09

    @ Sam

    I agree. Adria's male flight attendants look so hot :)

  9. Figures for Croatia Airlines pilots; First officers 15000kn base payment / month plus 150kn for each flight performed.

    Captains get between 20000kn to 25000kns per months plus about 200 or 250kns per flight.

    During the summer a First officer could earn around 3000 euros per month and a captain as much as 5000euros.

    Not bad for Croatia BUT not enough if you want to keep your crew happy and prevent them from leaving to fly for the big bucks in Asia and the Middle east.

  10. Croatia's Flight attendants maybe cute (female ones)but there uniform, especially that blue apron thing, is disgusting!

    Adria did a great job last year with the new Uniforms, probably the best in Europe if not the world!

  11. Anonymous17:03

    Adria really did a great job with the new uniforms. They look stunning! Even better than Air France in Lacroix.

  12. Anonymous17:13

    Mu god 2000-5000 euros my God! My friend is a doctor(GP) in Germany and he earns 2500 euros! What on Earth do they want!

    Anyway, I have never flown with JP, but as you said that their male cabin crew are hot I think I will pay few extra £ and book a ticket with them :-)))))


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