Niš from February 23

Soon in Niš
After several delays, Montenegro Airlines will commence flights from the Montenegrin capital Podgorica to Niš, located in Eastern Serbia. The airline will operate 6 weekly flights in hope that it will attract transit passengers via Podgorica. The news comes as the airline signs a strategic partnership agreement with the city authorities of Niš. The Montenegrin carrier is also planing to set up an airline in Niš by the 2010 summer season. Gaining an air operators certificate from Serbia would also allow it to operate flights from the more lucrative Belgrade.

Montenegro Airlines had anticipated to commence flights from Niš to Zurich in November 2009, however the airline was turned down by Swiss authorities. Montenegro Airlines regularly operates seasonal summer flights from Tivat to Niš. Niš Constantine the Great Airport is currently served by 1 airline - the low cost Wind Jet.

All flight details can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.


  1. I'll believe it when I see it.. :)

  2. not this story again...another Master Airways i guess.


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