Passenger rise

Positive start to the year
After 13 consecutive months of a decline in passenger numbers, in January 2010 Jat Airways finally managed to transport more passengers when compared to the same month the previous year. The airline saw a 5% passenger increase, but more importantly saw an increase in passengers bound for Montenegro. Despite the fact that the airline had decreased the number of flights by 5% this January compared to 2009, Jat carried 68.333 passengers. A total of 8.333 were Montenegro bound passengers (+63%), 58.994 on Euro-Mediterranean services (+1%) and 1.006 on charter flights (-24%). The average cabin load factor decreased by 1% and now stands at 53%.

The greatest passenger increase was seen this January on flights to Brussels, with passenger numbers increasing by 123%. It is followed by Thessaloniki which recorded a 78% passenger increase. The greatest decline was seen on flights to Monastir in Tunisia (-81%).


  1. I guess charters is down because of the arrival of Koral Blue from HRG and CAI and Lotus Air from HRG, SSH and CAI. As for Tunisia im guessing its from the arrival of BJ from DJE and MIR. Intresting about BRU, any info on the AMS flights? Maybe BRU will delink from AMS in the summer schedule? Not good news on the CLF.

  2. ^ Amsterdam was up 5%.

  3. -81% to Monastir?! It's a shame...
    I hope that BJ will continue it's flights to Monastir this summer...
    I flew with them to Tunisia last year. They are cheap and good! ;)

  4. Anonymous12:47

    Cabin load factor stands at a miserable 53%? Is there any other airline in Europe that operates with such a low cabin load factor? Why don't they experiment with having some cheaper flights to Tivat and Podgorica (say 50 euros one way, instead of the current 100 euros) and maybe they will start increasing their passenger numbers?

  5. Anonymous16:02

    I think the number to Tunisia are not down because of the competiion but rather that Serbs would rather travel to EU now...
    Still this shows that Jat needs regional airples!


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