Tough start for Croatian airports

Rijeka Airport
In January, passenger numbers at Croatian airports declined significantly compared to the same month in 2009. All of the major airports, with the exception of Osijek and Rijeka saw passenger numbers slide. Zadar and Pula suffered the most with passenger numbers declining by 38.3%. Split saw 22.832 passengers, a decline of 15.7% compared to January 2009. The country’s largest airport, Zagreb, experienced a 10.4% decrease, handling 124.676 passengers last month. The reduction in passenger figures can be somewhat justified. In January 2009 Croatia hosted the World Handball Championships which caused an increase in passenger numbers. The cities that hosted the event were Split, Zadar, Osijek, Varaždin, Poreč, Zagreb and Pula.

On the other hand, Osijek and Rijeka, the two cities which did not host last year’s event managed to increase their passenger volume by 122.2% and 35% respectively. However, it should be noted that Osijek only handled a total of 80 passengers compared to 36 last year, explaining its remarkable growth.

Below you can view January’s 2010 results for Croatian airports:

AirportPassengers JAN 2010Passengers JAN 2009Change (%)
Zagreb124.676139.119 10.4
Dubrovnik17.95718.053 0.5
Pula1.2392.009 38.3
Split22.83227.079 15.7
Zadar1.7692.867 34.9
Osijek8036 122.2
Rijeka636471 35.3


  1. Anonymous17:44

    Which company was using Osijek airport during January? i don't have any info that there were any scheduled flights...? Were they?


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