Embraer arriving soon

Soon in Podgorica
The CEO of Montenegro Airlines, Zoran Đurišić, signed a final agreement for the purchase of an Embraer E195 jet. This will be the third Embraer in Montenegro Airlines’ fleet and the first to be actually owned by the airline, with the others on financial leases to the carrier. At the singing in Paris, Đurišić said that the E195 in question is in the final stages of production and should be in Podgorica by June 25. The aircraft is being financed from a loan the airline received from the Brazilian National Bank.

The arrival of the newest Embraer will be Montenegro Airline’s 9th aircraft and the airline’s 8th operational aircraft. If the airline carries out its plan of setting up an airline in Niš, 2 aircraft would be leased to its subsidiary Master Airways. Montenegro Airlines has an option of ordering another Embraer.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    there is nothing worse than Montenegro and their overly corrpt govenrment!

  2. Anonymous09:12

    I personally have nothing to do with Monetnegro and your comment has not affected me what so ever, but I think there is nothing worse than being CONSTANTLY negative about EVERYTHING!
    I do not understand why people and how on Earth can moan all the time!!!!!

    Lets talk Ex YU aviationa, no politics!

    Question for EX YU: How YM is doing with TGD-INI-TGD route? Are actually any passangeres using TGD as a connection to other destinations. I have had a look at the prices from INI via TGD to some destinations, return and the prices are more than reasnoble.


  3. @anonymous1

    In spite of all the stereotypes, YM is a great airline. Their service is good, aircraft well maintained and clean, cabin crew excellent, impeccable puntuality. It is definitely my airline of choice. From my experience, both passengers and agents love it. Way to go YM!!!!

  4. Anonymous09:34


    Exactly, I haven't flown with them, but all I hear are good comments, all that what you said, good, clean planes, cabin creww excellent, etc.

    I have just booked a ticket(for a friend of mine) LGW-INI(via TGD) return(not well in advance at all!!) for £190. We could not beleive that the ticket was that fairly priced for such a destination, and should I say that timing is just perfect(45 min between the flights at Podgorica Airport!). As long as they do what they are supposed to (take passangers from point A to point B, with excellent service and reasonble prices,...) thats what matters!!!

    BTW, Podgorica Airport Terminal looks SVJETSKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Doot09:36

    It's true.

    Flying Montenegro airlines is a present experience. Compared to JAT they're faster, cheaper and on time.

  6. Doot09:38

    oops. Pleasant

  7. Anonymous10:52

    Hey, why is a difference about 9 in fleet and 8 operational?
    Are some F100 planned to leave fleet soon?

  8. Geronimo12:43

    Interresting that former Jat people runs Ym so well and present at jat drives it to bancrupcy. I wonder why they are well educated and knows the bransch really good?!

  9. Anonymous13:26

    Why dont they change the name of Master Airways in to
    South Serbian Airways? I dont like Master Airways..its so macho-amateurish.

  10. I would call it simply Serbian International :D
    but I don't know if it would be allowed by Serbian government or who ever :))))

  11. Anonymous20:11

    YM is a indeed fine small airline. And new Embraers E195 are just great.

  12. Anonymous20:44

    Serbia South would be a better name than Master Airways :P


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