Fleet changes

Grounded fleet soon in the air
In the lead up to the 2010 summer season, Jat Airways is making changes to its fleet with grounded aircraft expected to be in the air by June. Most of the grounded fleet needs engine overhauls. These problems are now expected to be sorted. Currently, Jat Airways has a total of 17 aircraft (5 ATR72s, 1 Boeing B737-200, 10 B737-300s and 1 B737-400). As it stands now, a total of 4 aircraft are grounded, 1 ATR72 (registered YU-ALN) and 3 Boeing B737-300s (registered YU-AND, YU-ANF and YU-ANH). A fifth grounded aircraft, an ATR72 (registered YU-ALR) has resumed operations as of early March. The airline had plans to return its sole B737-400 to its owner in May, however Jat has managed to extend the lease on the aircraft, the airline’s CEO Srdjan Radovanović said at a press conference last week. The aircraft has left the fleet for regular maintenance but will return in April. The airline’s grounded fleet has posed major problems for the carrier in the past year and, as a result, has been forced to reduce operations. Two of the grounded Boeing B737-300s will be repaired by a foreign company by June 1. The other 2 aircraft will be repaired by Jat Tehnika by May 1, which will lead the airline to increase frequencies on most of its services from that date.

The arrival of 2 Boeing B737-700s has been delayed until later this summer, Jat Media Centre reports. The delay has been caused because the airline's failure to secure necessary funds for a financial lease. With a 51 million Euro loan expected to be granted to the airline within the next few months, the new aircraft will be leased for a period of just under a year. At last week’s press conference Radovanović noted that 3 of Jat’s Boeing B737-300s have received a new look interior with new economy class seats and that a further 2 will be refurbished by June. The airline plans to refurbish its entire Boeing 737-300 fleet. It also hopes to end its 12 year feud with Airbus over an order of 8 Airbus A319s this summer.


  1. Anonymous10:24

    JAT goes closer and closer to its end.

  2. Anonymous10:43

    Probably contrary to all visitors of this site, I think JAT goes closer to the surface.
    There is U-form of their business performances established. If this is stock exchange listed company, this is good buying moment.

  3. How much more expensive is leasing a B737 compared to the B734? couldnt be much more, could it? after all i can assume its a dry lease considering JAT has trained crew for 737 aircraft. would it be worth while leasing say 2 B736 instead considering all 10 B733's will be active?

    What is intresting is to which destinations will JAT increase its frequencies. LHR, CDG, ZRH, BRU, AMS, ARN, DXB?

  4. Anonymous11:32

    @Anonymous 1
    How? Please tell us why you thik that? You can't just say something without giving any details.

    I flew YU-ANI the other day and the plane was a total shithole! However the other planes I have been on were great :)

  5. Anonymous11:34

    Well I suppose that the 734 is far more cheaper that 737s. First of all they are older and I am sure that plays a major role.
    I just hope that they will get a decent livery for the new 737's whenever they arrive.
    I see no point for Jat to get 737-600, that plane is useless, just like the 318 compared to its sisters

  6. Interesting... I'm guessing it will be the LHR, CDG, ARN, LCA and DXB increase... and maybe BRU separated of AMS. And definitely more charter services through out the summer 2010 season...

    Just imagine 2-3 out of 8 A319 to be the long haul versions (A319LR). JAT could fly to KJFK, OMDB, CYYZ directly (or via some coastal airports) and with 124 seats configuration it would definitely pay-off ;)

  7. Anonymous14:50

    And now if they would just lower their prices on the BEG-TIV route so we don't have to pay 100 euros for a one way flight that should cost half that. If they start charging 50 euros per seat, maybe they could raise their cabin load on what should otherwise be a very profitable route.

  8. Anonymous15:08

    Can someone tell average load factors for Jat's destinations like: London, Paris, Vienna, Rome, Frankfurt. Thanks

  9. Anonymous15:51


    Nisam iz Srbije, ali to jos ne znaci, da mi trebaju podnapisi kad gledam neki srpski film.

    Imena gradova koje ste naveli su podomacena imena i u Hrvatskoj takodje pisu Minhen, Bec, Rim itd. Takodje Englezi ne kazu Hrvatska, nego Croatia i kazu Belgrade i ne Beograd, sto je u redu, jer su podomacili neka imena drzava i gradova.

    Rijec "airways" ili po tvoje "ervejz" je opca imenica stranog porijekla, koja ne postoji u Rijecniku Hrvatskog/Srpskog/Bosanskog Jezika, stoga sa stajalista jezikoslovaca, absolutno neprihvatljiva. Mislim, da imamo jako bogat jezik i ne pada mi na pamet, da se ugledam na Amerikance, jos manje na Bugare i taj tvoj "България Ер" :)


  10. Geronimo16:11

    Jat will survive-as long the Serbian government is behind and they will for at least some more years.

  11. @ lat anonymous

    Kome si se ti tacno obratio? Sve vreme pokusavam da to utvrdim, ali mi ne uspeva bas najbolje, pa hajde budi fin te nas prosvetli kakve veze imaju odredjeni nazivi gradova sa bilo kojim postom iznad tvog? I jos bitnije - kakve to veze ima sa temom o JATovoj situaciji flote?!

    Pozdrav, i to krajnje srdacan...

  12. Anonymous16:47

    @ JU500

    Moja duboka isprika :) Komentar je bio namijenjen JATBEGMEL-u na temu prije 3,4 dana, gdje JAT trazi kredit za obnovu svoje flote. Konkretno, komentar se odnosio na sliku povise naslova vijesti, gdje je pisalo "Reforma JAT Ervejza".
    Nehotice sam komentar poslao na pogresnu temu.

    S stovanjem.

  13. Aham... Ok onda :)

  14. Anonymous03:15

    @ Anonymous#1,

    Just a quick comment on what you said about this being a good time to buy shares of Jat...

    How do you suppose we do that as this company is 100% owned by the government who has been trying to sell it to a private company for the past several years. Forgive me, but comments like that make not take your comment seriously.

  15. Anonymous07:05

    @ Anonymous Jezikoslovac. Kada se vec gadjamo gramatikom...nije "aBsolutno" nego apsolutno, koliko se sjecam to je obezvucavanje po mjestu izgovora

  16. Anonymous08:41

    @ Anonymus X,
    I said: "If this is stock exchange listed company...", meaning that it is currently NOT. So, I do believe there was no reason to disqualify me.
    And for your information, whatever Serbian Gov. decide to use as the privatisation model (many news about that in media yesterday), JAT will has at least 20% of shares in free float (shares distributed for free for Serbian citizens, current and ex employees).
    So, as soon they do privatisation, sooner we will have it on the market.
    I do expect JAT Airways listing at the exchange this time next year.

    Cheers again!

  17. frequentflyer09:44

    If only JAT would buy *newer* aircraft on the market perhaps the operation and maintenance costs would come down... helping the airline's profitability (not to mention fuel costs due to old, inefficient planes)! And is there *any* resale value on any of the current fleet given its age?

    Given the plethora of newer 2nd-hand planes on offer around the place, how about:
    - China Southern's 5 72-500s? (They're not 20 years old like the current 72-200s and have fewer cycles due to the routes in operation so still quite some life in them)
    - the late Olympic Airline's numerous 737-400s (greater capacity and newer than JU's 733s, could solve the lack of funds for the 73Gs)

    Interested in people's thoughts, especially if anyone has some idea of costings of operating the current planes vs newer ones.

  18. ANONYMOUS12:04

    Jat don't have 17 aircraft!!!!!!

    -The 737-200 belongs to Aviogenix, not Jat. Jat wet lease it on occasion

    -Jat now have 4 ATR-72s, after YU-ALR was returned to TAT leasing in December '09.

    -1 of the 737-300s (YU-ANH) is basically scrap. It's been out of service since around Jan 2007.

    Therefore, Jat possess 15 aircraft, with one of them (YU-ANH) effectively 'in storage', so that leaves 14.

    Please amend article accordingly.

  19. Geronimo11:19

    If the government wanted to sell Jat they would long time ago. Probably will Turkish airlines have some shares in the company etc.I mean how difficult/expensive is it to lease 10 737-300/400 OR ATR 42...............


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