Growth in February

Mild February growth
Jat has recorded a second consecutive month of growth with a 2% passenger increase in February 2010 when compared to February last year. Jat transported a total of 122.923 passengers while its average cabin load factor stood at 47.5%, 3% less than in February 2009. More importantly, the airline managed to record high scale growth on services to Podgorica and Tivat. Jat’s Montenegro passenger numbers collapsed in the first half of 2009 and until now have not been able to recover. Jat transported 7.830 passengers to Montenegro in February (compared to 5.230), 45.384 passengers on Euro-Mediterranean services (compared to 49.453) and 1.376 passengers on charter flights (compared to 933 in February 2009).

The airline’s Brussels flights continue to report the greatest growth in its network in comparison to last year. The flights saw a 155% passenger increase. It is followed by Podgorica (+61%) and Tivat (+23%). Jat is reporting its greatest decline on flights to Athens, hit by fierce competition from Aegean Airlines. A similar decline can be noted on the airline’s Tel Aviv flights. Despite new competition from Niki and an increased flight offering from Austrian Airlines, the Serbian national carrier reported an 8% growth in passenger numbers on flights to Vienna. Whether this trend will continue in March remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, on March 1, Jat launched a new advertising campaign. The airline has introduced a daily “Jat bulletin” on a popular Belgrade based channel 3 times per day. During the bulletin Jat’s new PR manager invites passengers to use the services of the national carrier, advertising promotional tickets and destinations.


  1. Anonymous10:29

    Thank God for that! Something good and positive!

    Brussels 155%, my good that means the planes were almost empty before that?!

    Anyway, godd to hear that! Marketing, lower prices and it must work out!!!!

  2. Anonymous10:52

    Brussels was empty before, or almost empty- thank God that is all changing!
    I am not surprised that they are doning well on the Vienna route, the return flight starts from 97 euros! Really cheap, and they also have that afternoon flight which is really good if you are O&D passenger!
    At least they are doing something, good job!
    But they still did record a declining number on the European flights compared to last year!

    The thing that makes me happy, more than anything is that they are having their planes fuller to MNE!

  3. Anonymous10:59

    Well done.
    I`ve already said here that it can work. Of course, it is only 2 months, dead months, but still...
    JAT is challenge for good managers. The great one. So, just management. Proper one.

  4. Anonymous11:14

    But I think the year can be promising especially if they recorded growth in the worst month of the year!
    I am looking forward to the numbers of march, and the numbers of Belgrade airport!!!
    Don't see why they are hiding them!

  5. Anonymous11:51

    Vienna 97 euros return only, my God that is more than good. Well done! Cheaper than return to Podgorica or BNX :-(

    And yes, if the results are reasonbly good for February(the worst month as you said) than we should expect only better for the months ahead :-) Anyway, I am waiting to see Wizzair colors at Belgrade airport, and I would really like to see Ryanair and Easyjet, that would be more than great! fingers crossed!

  6. Load factor: 47.5% OMG!!!

    Btw, Belgrade airport had a 5% increase in traffic in January 2010 year on year.

  7. Anonymous15:43

    talking about good price! Well done YM!!! Friend of mine has just booked return ticket London(Gatwick) - Nis (via Podgorica) of course, for 198 euros!!!!! That is cheaper than direct flight to Belgrade or Zagreb from London!!! I think YM are getting there! That is so good to see! I should mention that this ticket was not even well advanced days, she is flying next week!!!

  8. On arrival/departure board at, today Adrias flight from LJU is missing... Some problems? Is it rescheduled? I really hope it isnt and that everything is ok...

  9. Anonymous16:25

    YM is not getting anywhere, I just wonder what they are going to do now when JU is back on the MNE market! That airline is just like their country- the ideal of corruption!
    And anyway I am sure that those prices are just promotional- or we can see how full their planes are!

  10. Anonymous17:02

    JP 800/801 was never planned on 3. 3. 2010.

  11. Why not??? It is operated every day except Saturday.


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