Ryanair continues Zadar expansion

Soon from Bari to Zadar
Ryanair has drastically increased passenger numbers at Zadar Airport after commencing a string of services to the city last year. This year, the world’s largest low cost airline continues to introduce new flights to the Croatian city. After the recent announcement that Ryanair will begin services to Zadar from Bremen in Germany, it has now announced that it plans to introduce flights from Bari in Italy as well. Flights from Bari are set to begin on June 1 and will operate twice per week. Additionally, Ryanair will commence flights from Bremen on June 2.

Besides Bremen and Bari, Ryanair will be serving Zadar this summer from Brussels, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, London, Oslo, Pisa and Stockholm. The airline has received 984.000 Euros from the city authorities as a subsidy for the flights. Zadar Airport handled 144.708 passengers in 2009, an increase of 35% compared to 2008.


  1. Anonymous09:26

    I ahve already seen bari on their website! Absoultely great! That's unbelivable what Ryanair has done with zadar airport, almost dead airport few years back, is packed during during summer months!! Well done ryanair and Zadar's authorities! I assume that Pula is doig this well(which i think it could, if not even better!!) because od the lack in agreement with Pula's authorities?! We could say the same for the rest of the Ex Yu cities where Ryanair could fly! I find really odd that osijek is not all year around destination. Maybe it is going to change!

  2. Great news for Zadar!
    The airline has received 984.000 Euros !?>
    this is exactly the thing Ohrid should do as well!
    it has a great chance at least during summer time!

    best regards

  3. Anonymous11:53

    Absolutely true, that is what Ohrid and Tivat should do during summer season, if Ohrid's authorities were good enough as Zadar's and Tivat's ones and calculated given-received they would have done the same and Ohrid Airport and city would have been packed too.


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