Strike cancelled

Jat Tehnika cancels strike
Jat Tehnika, which is in charge of the maintenance of Jat Airways’ aircraft, has announced that it has cancelled a planned strike which was to begin at 16.30 CET. The news comes after Jat Airways payed part of its owing debt to the company today. Jat Tehnika was separated from Jat Airways in 2005. The company staged a 3 day strike in October 2009 which paralysed the airline and brought on multi million Dinar losses. The strike ended after Jat payed part of its owing debt.

Last week, Jat Airways, said that Jat Tehnika's planned strike is of a different nature. As the B92 network reports, Jat has employed a foreign company to perform an overhaul of 8 Boeing B737-300 engines while Jat Tehnika will only do an overhaul of 2 engines (1 aircraft). Jat Airways says that Jat Tehnika does not have the capacity to perform an overhaul of all its engines and says that Jat Tehnika sends most parts needing repair to Germany and does not perform the job themselves as they lack professional and qualified staff. Jat Tehnika has denied the claims.

Meanwhile, the Serbian national carrier will today reveal the companies which have applied to provide catering services to the airline starting from the 2010 summer season for a period of 365 days.