Summer begins

New flights on the horizon
The 2010 northern hemisphere summer season in aviation begins today. Together, EX-YU airlines Adria Airways, B&H Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Jat Airways and Montenegro Airlines will offer over 1.000 weekly flights.

Adria Airways will be offering its services to 25 destinations. It will resume seasonal summer flights to Barcelona, Dublin, Manchester and Stockholm. The airline should receive 2 new Airbus A319s next month in order to replace its single Airbus A320. B&H Airline will also await the arrival of the long announced Boeing B737-700 this summer. The airline plans to introduce flights to Belgrade and Zagreb in May and connect Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city, Banja Luka, with the capital, Sarajevo, 11 times per week. Croatia Airlines will receive 2 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400s in the next 2 weeks in order to replace one of its Airbus A320s. The airline will commence seasonal flights to Athens, Lisbon, Lyon and Tel Aviv. Jat Airways faces privatisation this summer and the possible arrival of its 2 Boeing B737-700s. By June 1, the airline’s grounded fleet should be operational. Jat will introduce seasonal flights to Portorož, Gothenburg, Thessaloniki and Ohrid and will significantly increase its frequencies in the region to destinations such as Ljubljana, Skopje, Sarajevo, Podgorica and Tivat. Finally, Montenegro Airlines will be introducing flights to Dusseldorf and Copenhagen. The airline will accept its new Embraer E195 jet in June. Montenegro Airlines also plans to launch a Serbian subsidiary in Niš.


  1. Anonymous10:27

    Everything sounds great, but im still dissapointed that Pula flights are cancelled with jat, and Croatia Airlines flight to belgrade never started.... Overall a great summertimetable. Philswe

  2. I just checked - WindJet increased FRL-INI-FRL route during Summer 2010 to 2 flights per week, on days 1 and 4:
    IV414 FRL 10.10 INI 11.20
    IV415 INI 12.10 FRL 13.10

    WindJet offers good connections from Nis to Catania and Palermo via Forli.

    Olympic Air, of course, didn't commence ATH-BEG flights (and probably never will) and yes, it's a shame for BEG-PUY and BEG-ZAG flights...

  3. BTW-imagine Ryanair starting BEG-PUY or BEG-ZAD flights... It would be such a shame for both JAT and Croatian AL :)

  4. Anonymous11:29

    @ JU500

    Olympic didn't commence flight because Olympic and Aegean announced merger, and you already have flight between BEG-ATH by Aegean, so probably that will be their together flight like a new company :)

  5. peter from Sydney11:35

    JAT is in a major whole when it comes to aircraft modernisation. For one of the biggest ex yu airlines to be stuck in a hole of what can only be described as desperation speaks volumes about the people behind the operations.

  6. Boze, Boze... kakav šok! Velika smo mi jad i beda... :(

    I did a little research and I found maybe disturbing news for our "little" Ex-Yu region. Did you know that for one hour hop from Doha to Dubai Qatar Airways has 56 weekly flights, plus Emirates Airlines 35 weekly flights on the same route, it all sums up to 88 weekly i.e. 12 DAILY flights!!! Just like Lufthansa has 12 daily FRA-MUC service in DOMESTIC service. On the other hand, for what ever reason, Serbia and Croatia can't operate ONE daily (even less) ZAG-BEG or ONE-TWO weekly BEG-PUY flight... No comment...

  7. To JU500

    If you think Frankfurt Munich is impressive with 12 flights per day then have a guess on how many DAILY flights are operated between Sydney and Melbourne in Australia?

  8. For a Wednesday (which is the least busiest of days for air travel)

    Qantas = 38 flights
    Virgin Blue = 26 flights
    JetStar = 4 flights (flights operated to Avalon)
    Tiger Airways = 7 flights

    Grand total of 75 flights per day!

    I could look up average cabin load factor but I can tell you its well above 80%.

  9. hahahhahaha.. I am speechless! :)

    Please take a quick look at this:
    TIV-BEG route
    During this summer (from 18th of June till 31st of August) Montenegro Airlines will operate 29 weekly flights and JAT will operate 31 weekly flights = 60 weekly flights.
    TGD-BEG route
    Both Montenegro Airlines and JAT will operate 21 weekly flights, each = 42 weekly flights.

    Question for all of you - is it really necessary for BEG airport to have 102 weekly flights to Montenegro? :)
    Instead of cutting one daily flight to TIV and reroute it to PUY, ZAD and DBV 2 times per week, JAT will fly 31 times to TIV, just because it won't allow YM to carry out more pax... Oh come on! :)

    I'm sorry for my last 2 posts, but I really can not understand those morons... JAT will never be the airline it was during '80s and it will never get out of this awful situation... Ma bre, nema mu spasa! :)

  10. @ Q400 :)

    Now, I just don't know what to say!!!
    At first, I thought you had a typing error about 75 DAILY SYD-MEL flights, then I visited Sydney Airport website... I was shocked... You didn't make a typing error :)

    Just for TODAY:
    Qantas Airways SYD-MEL fl.No:
    401,501,409,415,419,507,427,509,431,435,437,439, 441,6127,443,447,449,453,421,455,457,459, 463,465,467,487,489,497.=28 flights!
    Virgin Blue SYD-MEL fl.No:
    802,806,810,814,818,826,828,830,834,838,840,842, 846,852,858,860,864,868,874,876,880,882, 886,888,894.=25 flights!
    Tiger Airways SYD-MEL fl.No:
    5105,5113,5115,5119,5129,5153,5125,5143.=8 flights!
    Jet Star SYD-MEL fl.No:
    521,525.=2 flights!

    People, that's 63 flights just for one single day!!! :))))

  11. JU500,

    There are more. JetStar fly's to Melbournes second airport Avalon and don't forget tiger airways

  12. Hogar Strasni14:37

    Hello to everyone!
    Mel-syd in these two cities lives about 8 milion people,cheap tickets. 60 flights per day a 130 pas. 8000 pas a day-is that too much?Its A normal frequency. Baj Baj!

  13. Yeap, that's right...
    The cheapest fare is around 85EUR with Qantas subsidiary Jet Star and around 135EUR with Qantas (with total of 40 daily flights on days 1,2,3,4 and 5 plus 4 daily on service to Avalon). That's a great deal for QF/JQ. 8 mil. people living in these two cities is a great number of potential passengers. :) at least 8500-9000 pax (and surely more) every day on hour and a half route, back and forth, mostly businessmen, I guess.

    Gosh, I think that Qantas is a rare huge airline that has more flights in domestic then in international/intercontinental service. :)

    Just to sum up:
    On days from Mondays to Fridays:
    1. Qantas and Jet Star have 44 daily flights (to both Tullamarine and Avalon airports).
    2. Tiger Airways 7.
    3. Virgin Blue 27.
    That's 78 flights a day! :) SOrry guys, but I'm impressed :D

  14. Anonymous22:35

    Actually two the most connected cities by air in the world are Barcelona-Madrid!!!!!
    "Air Bridge" literally translated that route is called, is the world's busiest route, with the highest number of flight operations (971 flights per week) in 2007. The schedule has been reduced since February 2008, when a Madrid-Barcelona high-speed rail line was opened, covering the distance in 2½ hours, and quickly became popular. But this still remains the busiest air connection!

    Has anyone checked London - Dublin?
    Rynair alone has 12 flight to Dublin from London DAILY(Stansted 6 daily, Luton 2 daily, Gatwick 4 daily)..... To not mention Aerlingus, BMI, Air France...

    The Balkans is just a black hole

    I do not see the reason, if they cannot agree who will fly from BEG to SPU, PUY, ZAD, RJK,DBV why they simply do not let Ryanair do it and that's it! BEG could be a good hub for them. Or FR flying from INI? Or BNX? or OMO?

    Or activate Uzice airport and Kopaonik would be flooded with Brits and the rest of Europeans!!!

    I am so glad that WindJet is icreasing flight from INi, that probably means that planes are not that empty :-)

    Any info of INI-TGD?

  15. @last anonymous

    Just take a look at the third post :)
    BEG-PUY and BEG-ZAG would be enough.. for start :)
    If Ryanair would put only one aircraft at BEG airport that would be much different story for BEG and all needed destinations!

    971 flights per week?! God, is that possible? That's around 140 flights per day! 6-7 flights per ONE SINGLE HOUR! And just look at us! Miserable and pathetic! BEG airport doesn't have that much weekly flights to all of its routes together!!! O zemljo SrbiJo! Uzas! :(

    I checked summer 2010 timetable for all 5 London airports and flights to Dublin are at total of 279 weekly:
    1.LHR - EI 89, BD 28;
    2.LGW - EI 28, FR 28;
    3.STN - FR 51;
    4.LCY - AF 34;
    5.LTN - FR 21.

    And yes, Uzice would be the best thing that could happen right now for that region and of course for air traffic to/from Serbia.
    INI-FRL is doing great I suppose :)
    and so is INI-TGD :) I don't see why not...

  16. frequentflyer11:34

    Best of luck to all the airlines for the summer TT, let's hope there are a few extra surprises and new routes announced this summer period.

    @ MEL-SYD vs BEG-ZAG/elsewhere argument

    Yes, population of 8 million, but there's also distance difference of 900kms, poor train/bus services (which typically take 10-12hrs) between the two, being within the same country, and much business travel warranting fast, frequent services.

    ZAG-BEG is only 370km, ZAG-LJU a paltry 115km. Gone are the days of being one country where everything was centralised giving a ready-made market for flights. Hence the fact there are eg no direct USA flights, the market is now fragmented!!

    And finally, which airline is really in a position to operate these flights? JUs a basket case, OUs obviously not interested in getting its cabin load factor higher (reading today's post), JP is downsizing its fleet...

  17. Anonymous17:34


    Yes, Barcelona-Madrid flights are more often than buses in public transport during the day :-))))

    Anyway, as you have said and I am repeting, RYanair could really do a miracle at BEG airport with just one plane based there. Would be cool to see FR flying BEG-SPU or PUY or DBV :-)or any other destination in Spain(Valencia, Malaga + Canary Islands, Portugal(Porto..., France(Nice, Marseille.....), Poland(Krakow...), Germany, Ireland(Dublin - to finally connect these two cities!!!!!!), Italy(where to start- Venice, Pisa, Palermo, Turin, Milan, Bari, etc.......), UK(Edinburgh, Buornemouth would be interesting .....), Slovakia(Bratislava), Morocco.... These are just ideas where Ryanair flies.... With them is really possible to fly for 5 euros(hand luggage only but hey if you're going for a weekend that is more than enough - I've done it myself!!) Advertise to people destinations and I must say finally educate people about internet booking and that is not rocket science!

    Lets see and hope that better times are coming!

  18. @frequentflyer

    Yes, I understand the difference between MEL-SYD and BEG-ZAG routes, but come on! Don't just say that no airline is capable of flying that route! 78 SYD-MEL daily flights vs ONE single flight daily?! Is that to much to ask?! I wouldn't say yes... JU and OU, all together - yes, lunatics! :)

    @last anonymous

    Yes! MAD-BCN flights were definitely more frequent than some popular and busy bus routes here in Belgrade :)

    I'm telling ya - Ryan Air will eventually come... It's a matter of time...And when that day comes... Oooh God, I just can imagine! :D :D :D
    Few routes that would and should be at the beginning are: Dublin, Zagreb (just because JU and OU are incapable and retarded :D), Zadar, Dubrovnik, Mallorca, Malaga/Valencia, Nice/Lyon, Lisbon/Porto, few more cities in Germany and UK... That could be done with 2-3 planes... Am I wrong? :D


  19. Anonymous16:52


    Yes you are right, even two planes based in BEG would do!
    I hope that Ryanair will come, people can complaint as much as they want, but guys they take you from pint A to B for such low prices and that is what matters!!!

  20. frequentflyer01:28

    @ JU500

    I'm not saying that they are all *unable* to operate them, I think it is just a defensive mindset adopted by all of them.

    If you want to do it and make it a success, you will. Nobody seems interested in putting their hand up for the job - either they know more than we do (perhaps there actually is NO market for the flights), or nobody is willing to do the hard work and have a serious go at running these flights. I still believe it is the latter.

    The bare minimum is for double-daily service from the get-go when the route is launched - whilst it may take a while to build up numbers again, you need to provide return flights for both cities from a business perspective, remembering that they are the ones who keep planes in the air. There could be a small loss factor initially, and most airlines in the ex-YU don't look beyond instant profit.


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