Summer highlights
Adria Airways

Adria to resume seasonal flights
Adria Airways will be resuming seasonal flights to Barcelona, Dublin, Madrid, Manchester and Stockholm this summer. The news comes after the airline decided to dump its seasonal flights to Ohrid in Macedonia. The line up of seasonal routes indicates that there will be no further cut backs.

Flights to Barcelona and Madrid will operate every Thursday and Sunday starting April 22. A Bombardier CRJ900 is scheduled to operate these flights. Services to Dublin are set to commence on May 29 and will operate once per week, every Saturday, also using the CRJ900. The CRJ900 will be deployed on flights to Manchester which will commence operations on May 12, and will serve the city every Wednesday and Saturday. Finally, flights to the Swedish capital Stockholm will commence on April 25. The flights will operate every Thursday and Sunday also using the CRJ900. Adria will not be adding any additional new routes to its schedule this summer.


All 2010 summer season timetables for EX-YU airlines will be available for view here in mid March. Until then, updates regarding the timetables will be published in the “summer highlights” news items.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX11:52

    I think they have a nice network, hopefully they can keep it that way and try to expand BCN to winter months as well. Only thing missing now is a North Italian city such as Milan, Venice, Verona or Bologna, Florence.
    However they have tried Rome before and it did not really work out well.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX17:02

    Please find enclosed the pax figures for the new destination BEG this week:

    09MAR LJU-BEG 24 Y 02 C
    09MAR BEG-LJU 13 Y 03 C
    10MAR LJU-BEG 15 Y 00 C
    10MAR BEG-LJU 18 Y 00 C
    11MAR LJU-BEG 21 Y 01 C
    11MAR BEG-LJU 32 Y 05 C
    12MAR LJU-BEG 19 Y 00 C
    12MAR BEG-LJU 16 Y 03 C
    13MAR Saturday no flights
    14MAR LJU-BEG 13 Y 00 C
    14MAR BEG-LJU 22 Y 00 C
    15MAR LJU-BEG 11 Y 00 C
    15MAR BEG-LJU 09 Y 00 C

    Y=Economy Class
    C=Business Class
    flights operated with CRJ-200 (48 seats in total)

    If someone wants to know figures from other JP destinations, please let me know.

  3. Anonymous20:41

    JP has Larnaca listed on their list of destinations... is it in co-operation with OS and other star or...

  4. ^ JP has listed destinations operated by Star Alliance airlines. They are not performing the flights.

  5. Anonymous00:33

    Quite good for JP second week on LJU-BEG route. What about their other ex-yu destinations?

  6. Anonymous01:40

    JU520 BEGLAX try to find any passenger detaills for BEG in january and february. don t know what is going on. the BEG-site used to update the figures quickly last year.

  7. Anonymous06:31

    to JU520 BEGLAX
    can you please give us figures for
    LJU-SJJ flights?
    Thank you/Hvala

  8. Anonymous11:57

    @JU520 BEGLAX



  9. JU520BEGLAX12:05

    LJU-SJJ flight figures

    10MAR LJU-SJJ 32 Y 02 C - CRJ200
    10MAR SJJ-LJU 15 Y 01 C - CRJ200
    11MAR LJU-SJJ 24 Y 02 C - CRJ200
    11MAR SJJ-LJU 20 Y 01 C - CRJ200
    12MAR LJU-SJJ 13 Y 00 C - CRJ200
    12MAR SJJ-LJU 25 Y 01 C - CRJ200
    13MAR LJU-SJJ 21 Y 00 C - CRJ200
    13MAR SJJ-LJU 15 Y 01 C - CRJ200
    14MAR LJU-SJJ 14 Y 00 C - CRJ200
    14MAR SJJ-LJU 20 Y 00 C - CRJ200
    15MAR LJU-SJJ 25 Y 00 C - CRJ200
    15MAR SJJ-LJU 07 Y 00 C - CRJ200
    16MAR LJU-SJJ 24 Y 02 C - CRJ200
    16MAR SJJ-LJU 23 Y 00 C - CRJ200
    17MAR flights cancelled

    Y = Economy Class
    C = Business Class
    CRJ200 has 48 seats

    @anonymous: I have no figures for BEG airport for other airlines than JP

    all: TGD,SKP and PRN figures for the next days to follow

  10. JU520 BEGLAX12:21

    LJU-SKP flight figures

    10MAR LJU-SKP 43 Y 01 C - CRJ900
    10MAR SKP-LJU 55 Y 01 C - CRJ900
    10MAR LJU-SKP 22 Y 02 C - CRJ200
    11MAR SKP-LJU 26 Y 00 C - CRJ200
    11MAR LJU-SKP 36 Y 00 C - CRJ900
    11MAR SKP-LJU 57 Y 04 C - CRJ900
    11MAR LJU-SKP 14 Y 00 C - CRJ200
    12MAR SKP-LJU 28 Y 01 C - CRJ200
    12MAR LJU-SKP 42 Y 00 C - CRJ900
    12MAR SKP-LJU 60 Y 04 C - CRJ900
    12MAR LJU-SKP 40 Y 01 C - CRJ200
    13MAR SKP-LJU 34 Y 00 C - CRJ200
    13MAR LJU-SKP 50 Y 01 C - CRJ900
    13MAR SKP-LJU 29 Y 00 C - CRJ900
    14MAR LJU-SKP 37 Y 00 C - CRJ900
    14MAR SKP-LJU 68 Y 01 C - CRJ900
    14MAR LJU-SKP 19 Y 00 C - CRJ200
    15MAR SKP-LJU 19 Y 00 C - CRJ200
    15MAR LJU-SKP 43 Y 00 C - CRJ900
    15MAR SKP-LJU 34 Y 00 C - CRJ900
    16MAR LJU-SKP 25 Y 01 C - CRJ900
    16MAR SKP-LJU 18 Y 00 C - CRJ900
    17MAR LJU-SKP 19 Y 02 C - CRJ900
    17MAR SKP-LJU 63 Y 03 C - CRJ900
    17MAR LJU-SKP 15 Y 00 C - CRJ200

    CRJ200 = 48 Seats (C+Y incl)
    CRJ900 = 86 Seats (C+Y incl)

    C Class=Business Class
    Y Class=Economy Class

  11. JU520 BEGLAX20:18

    PRN, TGD flights ex LJU will show on todays post (JAT cancels Pula)


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