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Banja Luka flights in doubt, Belgrade in May
With the announced delay of the arrival of 2 Boeing B737-700 aircraft, B&H Airlines won’t be making drastic changes to its timetable for the 2010 summer season. Still, the greatest difference, compared to the 2009/2010 winter timetable is the addition of Belgrade in its route network and its new commitment to Banja Luka, which should see it serve Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city 11 times per week. Speaking to “EuroBlic” newspapers, the CEO of B&H Airlines said that flights to Banja Luka will depart Sarajevo in the evening hours on a daily basis. The aircraft would stay in Banja Luka and depart in the morning in order to connect to B&H Airlines’ European flights. The other 4 flights will depart sometime during the day. However, B&H’s increased flight offer from Banja Luka is in jeopardy after the authorities in Banja Luka announced that they would not allow another airline to threaten its Sky Srpska project which has been delayed numerous times. The authorities should call on aircraft manufacturers to offer their price for 2 short haul aircraft by the end of the first quarter of 2010, that will be used by the Banja Luka based Sky Srpska.

Meanwhile, B&H Airlines’ flights to Belgrade will depart Sarajevo 6 times per week at 13.00CET. The aircraft will commence its return trip some 2 hours after landing in Belgrade. The airline will inaugurate services to Belgrade sometime between May 1 and May 15.

B&H’s planned flights to Amsterdam have been dumped after special prorate agreement (SPA) negotiations stalled with an airline which should connect the Bosnian diaspora with Sarajevo via the Dutch capital.


  1. Anonymous09:18

    HA! I told you before when Belgrade was announced that them operationg a night flight wouldn't make sense like it was proposed but rather an afternoon flight!!
    Great, like this the passengers can still make it on some of JU's departing flights and catch many flights back to SJJ!
    Great cooperation!!

  2. Nemanja10:32

    Smart move by the Banja Luka authorities not to allow B&H to compete with the future Sky Srpska.

  3. NOT,

    for how long has this talk about SkySrpska been going on. I believe the airline was founded in 2007.

    Can't they find another way to throw away their money. How on earth will Bosnia cope with 2 airlines. I think its just plain stupid!

    Go B&H Airlines! (The airline for EVERYONE in Bosnia)


  4. Anonymous10:56

    On positive side , just noticed that SJJ Number of passengers in 2009 has increased by 4.7%

  5. Anonymous10:58

    Maybe BH should not fly to Banja Luka...horrible that RS government is getting involved making space for phantom airline. For sure if JAT would have wanted to fly daily to BNX that would not be a problem...sad

  6. Very sad to hear about the delay of the two Boeing 737-700's!

    I think that Banja Luka authorities not allowing B&H Airlines to fly into BNX are all because of political reasons. I mean they've founded the airline (Sky Srpska) in 2007 and have still not been able to get it in the air. By the time B&H Airlines gets to fly to BNX they still won't get Sky Srpska in the air so tell me where would the competition be?

    Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot cope with two airline companies especially in this situation!

    On the other side of the wall, it is good to see that B&H Airlines will be flying to Belgrade.

    B&H Airlines is a airline for all people of a unified, independent Bosnia and Herzegovina!


  7. Zrak08:20

    I dont understand how airport authorities (or any other authorities) can forbade an airline to use airport.

    Also I am having very hard time understanding how this in any way can benefit citizens of BL. (Nemanja can you enlighten us why you think that this is smart move and how is this going to help regular citizen?).

    What is happening here is that Mr. Dodik has probably promised one of his associates monopoly position so they can rob regular citizens of their hard earned money.

    Monopolies have never benefited anyone. Just look at how Belgrade citizens have profited from open sky agreement which has decreased JAT monopoly.

    Proper way to go for BH Airlines is to sue authorities (Either via Regulatory Agency for Communication or via High Court)

  8. Anonymous12:12

    "B&H Airlines is a airline for all people of a unified, independent Bosnia and Herzegovina!"

    This is an aviation, not a political forum. Leave your political paroles and opinions for some other place.
    Thank you.

    p.s. As of SkySrpska, couln't agree more.

  9. Anonymous18:31

    I am also having very hard time understanding how this in any way can benefit citizens of BL. Monopolies never do any good, regardless of their political, economic etc. motivation.

  10. Anonymous11:53

    I can't see any choice for BNX?

    It's either BHA wanted or they can lock the door, and throw away the key...

  11. On the airport-website of the Zracna Luka Zagreb:

    6-weekly BH Airlines flights to ZAG, starting may 1st!!

    However, the flights are nowhere else to be found, so I suggest we keep our enthousiasm on the low ;).


  12. frequentflyer07:16

    For an airline who normally doesn't release their next seasonal schedule until *after* its started, the list does in fact look promising for JA. Whether the reality matches what's on paper is still however to be seen!

    @ Bo

    Would be great if the ZAG flights take place, though they announced flights last year (with the a/c to stay overnight in Pleso) that didn't end up happening, and times conflicted with their other operations. Being evening flights, they should be able to draw a good load - yields of course will depend on costings and service against OUs twice-daily offering.

    Also, they will be able to then offer a convenient 1-stop BEG-ZAG service (but not return!) - is it using the same a/c?


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