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19 years later
Adria Airways will touch down at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport today at 15.05 CET, almost 19 years after it operated its last flight to the Serbian capital. The airline ceased operations to Belgrade in 1991. Just before the outbreak of war, Adria Airways accounted for 15% of domestic passengers and 5% of Euro-Mediterranean passengers in Yugoslavia. The passenger flow between Serbia and Slovenia in 1990 stood at 10% (compared to 34% between Serbia and Croatia and 21% within Croatia itself).

Adria’s 6 weekly service to Belgrade will be in direct competition with Jat Airways’ 4 weekly flights. However, cooperation between the 2 carriers is likely after the managements of both airlines met in Belgrade last week. Adria will operate the service with a Bombardier CRJ200. Adria Airways becomes the 22nd scheduled carrier operating out of Belgrade this 2009/2010 winter season.

All 2010 summer schedules for EX-YU airlines will be available for view here in mid March. They will be published simultaneously unlike last year. The 2010 summer season begins on Sunday, March 28.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX09:39

    like in the good old communist times, a special host party seems to be planned. On todays flight there is 9 Y and 29 C passengers booked. Aircraft will remain in BEG until Tuesday and there is only BEG-LJU planned with 6 Y and 29 C passengers. Slovenia's current government is making a huge deficit spending, still they can afford to have 29 dudes flying in C Class.
    Further days are booked as follows:

    03MAR no flight at all
    04MAR LJU BEG 24 Y and 0 C
    04MAR BEG LJU 07 Y and 2 C
    05MAR LJU BEG 05 Y and 1 C
    05MAR BEG LJU 19 Y and 0 C
    06MAR Saturday-no operation
    07MAR LJU BEG 05 Y and 4 C
    07MAR BEG LJU 05 Y and 0 C
    08MAR LJU BEG 05 Y and 1 C
    08MAR BEG LJU 02 Y and 4 C

  2. Dude, where did you get this info? :)
    Small a/c... small passanger number... :)))

  3. Anonymous10:05

    Mr JU520 is obvious JAT greatest fun. Luckily one of the last known. Every new flight connection need time to be profitable. Why he didn't mentioned what number of passengers has JAT on this route?

  4. JU520 BEGLAX10:22

    Got this from JP system. The aircraft operated is a CRJ200 with 48 seats in total.
    Have no access to JU figures. I know that it takes time for a route to develop.
    Chances could be good as after them only LH operates to MUC and in the late afternoon or evening almost no cities in Western Europe can be reached anymore with direct flights ex BEG (xcept for MUC,VIE and ZRH). At least I see potential for FRA,CPH,ARN,CDG,BRU,LHR connections in LJU. Lets wait and see....

  5. Anonymous11:45

    sorry to ask, but what are the C & Y Classes? thnx for the answer.

  6. JU520 BEGLAX11:49

    Y Class - Economy Class
    C Class - Business Class

  7. Anonymous12:39

    Y (not S, W, B, G, H, K, M, Q, V) and C prices on JP can be the same. When you pay full Y price you can always be upgraded on C service.

  8. Anonymous12:59

    He didn't necessarily put them to trash JP! God! You are so annoying, he put them more as general info!

    Still, welcome JP!!
    What is the config of their aircraft?

  9. Anonymous15:26

    2+2 with no different between Y and C configuration. CRJ200 were at the beginning of their service with JP marketing as "All Business Class". And they actually were. For a short time only :-)

  10. Anonymous15:28

    As long as they have hot male flight attendants they must be just fine.

  11. Anonymous15:49


    It would be interesting if you could post the same data for the flights of Cimber and AirBaltic. Naturally when the time comes.

    Can you see for the flights to Athens?

  12. Guys, I can't seem to find returning JP801 flight at beg.aero
    I found flight JP800 from LJU, arrived at 15.15h, but on departure board there is no JP801.
    Can someone explain?

    Cheers for Adria! :D

  13. I just saw - JP801 is operated on Tuesday!! ;)
    Don't know why... somebody? :D
    Maybe the a/c had some problem...?

  14. Anonymous17:42

    Maybe they have organized some special meeting and the flight is taking them back the next day?
    Usually those special first flights are not open for public

  15. JU520 BEGLAX18:46

    Dear JU500. You are indeed right. Today no flight BEG-LJU as the entire aircraft including the 29 C Class dudes are staying BEG to probably have some nice reception.
    02MAR only BEG-LJU is operated and all 29 C Class will return to LJU again.

    It s funny to see how much money they still waste, when they can afford to have an entire aircraft in BEG standing around for 24 hours. Let´s hope they have invited at least some industry commercials to see some quick benefits out of it.

    But in the Western Europe this is quite unusual. Normally for first flight ceremonies you have some travel agents plus the ambassador and press invited to have a small reception at the gate with food and drink. Same is done at the destination. But thats it.

    Unfortunately I have no Cimber or Air Baltic access. JP flight figures is never a problem.

  16. @JU520 - yeah definitely, tonight they'll probably have some important dinner and reception because of the relaunched flight... nearly 2 decades after :D :D

    Believe it or not (and I don't know why), last night I had a dream of JAT and Adria merger (probably because of the A3 and OA merger :D ) today at BEG airport :D Maybe I'm predicting something :)))

  17. BTW - exactly which airline has 'STZ' as its icao code?!
    Apparently, there's a Paris - Algiers via Belgrade flight, numbered as STZ611, operated tomorrow. Someone? Anyone? :)
    Charter one...?

    And one more thing - CSA was supposed to have 2 flights from PRG (OK834 and OK9034) also tomorrow, but the OK9034 flight can not be found in tomorrows schedule...I guess, nothing important for you guys :)
    p.s.I'm glad that we'll be seeing 2 daily PRG-BEG flights in summer 2010 schedule :D

    Cheers! :D

  18. JU520 BEGLAX20:20

    under euaca.org I found STZ as Strategic Airlines SAS registered in France. But I did not find any website of them. So I can t give u any more information. Seems to be a charter, 737-800 is widely used with charter airlines.

    Regarding your dream of JU and JP merger. I m sure it would make more sense for the countries of the former YU to find cooperations and consolidate operations. But as long politics and the situation is like today, I have my doubts that they will give up their proud national symbolcarriers for one or two carriers controlling this market. To realize that you benefit from partnership and cooperations much more than from solo attempts, this fact did not arrive yet in the minds of the leaders in former YU..

    until they realize, carriers such as OS,TK,LH as well as low costs such as Easyjet, Germanwings will take more and more revenues from this more and more growing market
    (OK u mentioned is another player, starting soon with double daily in BEG)

  19. Anonymous23:14

    LJU-BEG-LJU on JP 1.3.2010-30.9.2010 145 EUR. Not so expensive, especially if we have those stunning male flight attendants in mind.

  20. @JU520
    Yeap, I found the airline in the end... but still, I think its crazy to fly via BEG on such route. Maybe someone from Serbia wanted to have charter from BEG to ALG, but they hired some French airline... ;)

    Yes, political and national beliefs make the situation as it is.. and always was...and probably always will be.
    The best thing for this region, definitely, is to make one big airline, made of JA, JP, JU, IN, YM and OU, called United something Airlines and then try to make huge market... Just like LH does and some American airlines did too. BEG would be major airport for eastern (medium and long haul) routes, LJU, the same as BEG only for western routes, ZAG for northern and SKP for southern... That would be the only way to save every 6 airlines which operate today... preventing bankruptcy and all other problems regarding money.

    btw@Anonymus (the last one) - I think that you dont have to write comments about stunning and gorgeous JP flight attendants every single day on every single article ;)

  21. Anonymous08:26

    BEG-ALG - no mistery!
    There is ALG-SRB football match there plus Serbian political and commercial delegation.

  22. Anonymous18:27

    I am another anonymus who is going to go on and on about stunning male attendants :-)))))))

  23. Anonymous16:29

    Ok- so what if they have hot male flight attendants?! I am sure their girls are just as hot! Jesus Christ, no need to mention that every time there is some talk bout Adria!
    This is an aviation site, not a hook up in the air potential site!!!


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