Belgrade profit soars

New renovations for Belgrade
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has reported that its profit in 2009 amounted to 17 million Euros, increasing by 27% compared to 2008. The profit will now be used for the upgrade of facilities at the airport. Velimir Radosavljević, the director of Belgrade Airport, said on Sunday that this year the airport will expand its gate lounge areas and construct the airport’s business headquarters. The biggest investment will be in the expansion of the transit area and gate lounges. In cooperation with Durfy, the airport will open new shop and duty free areas. The airport also plans to replace the older “A” platform air bridges with glass air bridges which correspond to the “C” platform gates.

Radosavljević says that all of these investments will be financed from the airport’s net profit from 2009. In the first 3 moths of 2010 the airport is recording the same profit as in the first 3 months of 2009. Belgrade Nikola Tesla is served by 24 scheduled airlines with the number set to increase in the coming months.


  1. Anonymous12:17

    and where do they plan on expanding these new areas into? Does that mean that they are going to add more gates and more surface area to the terminal?
    They could add on the C gates, add another four gats and then we would have C1 to C10! That would be kinda cool!

  2. Anonymous12:22

    Ah the summer in Belgrade is going to be more than wild!!! I hope that soon we will pass the 3 million mark, probably no t this year but I am sure next one we will!

  3. Anonymous20:34

    I am also sure that will have over 3 milion next year! Spanair has come, Niki, Wizzair is there soon and I am sure they will expand their network from BEG! If FR and EZY come that will be it :-) What I hope is some transatlantic flights, New York or Chicago maybe... Lets see...


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