Berane International

Planned terminal for Berane Airport
Berane is set to become the home of Montenegro’s third international airport. The town is located in the North East of the country and counts approximately 12.000 residents. The president of the Berane municipality told the media that talks with Turkish and German investors are set to begin by the end of May. “It seems that we are on the right path for this project to become a reality. We will see how talks with the German and Turkish companies play out in May. We would allow the investor to control the airport from 20 to 50 years”, Vuka Golubović, the municipality’s president said. Berane is one of Montenegro’s poorest municipalities and the prospect of an airport could kick star the economy.

Berane has both a paved runway and a derelict terminal building which has seen better days. In the 1970s JAT Yugoslav Airlines operated flights from Belgrade to Berane, then known as Ivangrad. Plans to develop Berane into an international airport were formulated several years ago with a visualisation of the future terminal made.

Together with Berane, Trebinje in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Štip in Macedonia could receive airports in the near future. Do you think Montenegro needs another airport? Send a comment.


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  2. Well ideas are always welcomed, but i think counrty with 600,000 people, they have 2 good airports which are enough.
    I think better to be ivnested more in TGD and TIV would be easier.

    While Macedonia has more then 2.100.000 people and has purely served 2 airports, but not bad idea for Stip.


  3. Doot12:11

    First, they need to start building a high-speed bullet train that takes passengers between there and the site of the future Trebinje airport

  4. Peter from Sydney14:34

    What is the point of this proposed airport? Me thinks it's just another quick money making scheme for those in the know!

  5. What's the purpose of building so many airports when the majority of people can't even afford flying and airlines don't fully utilize many other much bigger airports in the area. Instead of wasting taxpayer's money on those ridiculous projects, it would be wiser to build and invest into other infrastructure such as railways and highways, so people can get to airports first.

  6. Geronimo16:03

    Good idea! People living in Bijelopolje,pljevlja,prijepolje,sjenica,tutin,novipazar,pec,plav and Kolasin-Mojkovac could use the airport.

  7. Really?! C'mon...absolutely ridiculous...

  8. Anonymous20:24

    @ Geronimo

    You make me laugh. They could probably fit the entire population of the region on one 747 :)

  9. frequentflyer07:28

    Another pie-in-the-sky.

    Won't happen, like Trebinje. And it won't be the last one we hear about either.

    Sadly, those with the power to make these projects happen either think that the airlines will just be flocking to operate out of their airport despite the realities of the situation, or the palm-greasing is just too irresistible...

  10. ANONYMOUS14:16

    Berane is 112km from Podgorica for F*CK SAKE! HA ha hahahahahaha ...

    This is the funniest idea of all from the ex-yu.

  11. Geronimo17:29

    if the build the airport i will be happy for them,and everybody who wants to laugh may please do so.

  12. POPO17:30

    This and the other similar projects in the region (Stip) are a total waste! Use up all of the existing capacity first and then talk to me about a new airport.

  13. Anonymous01:07

    Brilliant idea, long awaited and much needed. Will utilise what is already in existence, bring much needed employment to the region and put Berane back on the map. This is a beautiful part of the country that is often missed because of its innaccessibility. This airport would fast track tourism back to this fantastic region.

  14. Anonymous03:04

    I agree that this is a cool idea. It will make the north of Montenegro more popular and visited. Also,we've been waiting for this for years.


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