From Boeing to Airbus

B&H’s Boeing B737-700 in doubt
B&H Airlines is never short of being confusing and events this week have only confirmed this even further. For the past few months the management at Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national carrier has claimed that the airline will receive 1 Boeing B737-700 this summer, to replace the Boeing B737-400. Now however, Government officials say that B&H will receive an Airbus A319.

During the week, Turkish Airlines and the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina signed an agreement which will see both sides fork out 8 million Covertable Marks (4 million Euros) for the national carrier. A Government official told the “Dnevni avaz” newspaper that the airline will receive a new aircraft during the summer season, most probably an Airbus A319. He also mentioned that the Bosnian Government gave an advance payment to Airbus years ago for the purchase of a new plane for B&H. However, the money is still with Airbus and further payments were never made. He hopes that this issue will also be resolved soon. No mention was made of Boeing.

The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina last week also announced that B&H Airlines is 1 of 2 publicly owned companies to record financial losses in 2009 although it did not specify how big of a loss the airline recorded.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX17:48

    11.04 EY93 AUH LCA 0540 0915
    A6-EIC 320 138 PAX

    11.04 EY94 LCA AUH 1235 1605
    A6-EIC 320 131 PAX


    here are your Larnaca Etihad figures for tomorrow 11APR

  2. Anonymous23:45

    They will get the 737 independently from the Airbus. TK must give them the two Boeing's, but the B&H Government wants to spend the money it has given Airbus a few years ago when Air Bosna was active. I think three medium capacity airplanes will be too much for JA, except from Amsterdam and Scandinavia, I can't see where they can add new routes.

  3. Feradon02:30

    Coverable = Convertible
    Dnevnia avaz = Dnevni avaz

    @ admin:

    I'm sorry for being annoying, delete this post later. :p

  4. Anonymous04:39

    Both Airbus and ATR are owned by EADS. Shouldn't it be possible to switch to ATR42 or ATR72. It would make much more sense than getting an A319.

  5. frequentflyer13:59

    Whilst the two are almost identical and easily interchangeable, JA is so small it is foolish to try to operate both types.

    Let's compare TKs planes seat-wise:
    Airbus 319: 144
    Boeing 73G: 149
    (source: THY website)

    Two options: TK offers to take these 319s and add them to their own fleet, leaving the 73Gs with JA, or uses the 73Gs until the 319s are ready, then returns them to their own fleet (assuming JA has the planes delivered in the standard TK config).

    Does anyone know how much money was paid to Airbus from the BiH govt, and in what year?

    @ Anonymous #4

    Wrong. They are treated as two separate companies, with two separate order books. Just look at the problems JU has faced with that haunting order of 319s Milosevic made all those years ago...

  6. Like many other things in Bosnia, BH Airlines is no exception when it's about transparency and economic logics.

    If it wasn't for Turkish Airlines, this airline would be doomed for failure, the same as its predecessor.


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