Jat cancels Boeing order

Better luck next time
Unsurprisingly, Jat Airways has cancelled its order for 2 Boeing B737-700 aircraft which were set to arrive this summer, the “Danas” daily reports. This is despite the fact that the airline had started tender procedures to find the most affordable price for the aircraft. The Serbian national carrier said that it was unable to find an interested company, despite the newspaper revealing that several parties had already applied for tender documentation. Only a few weeks ago, the CEO of Jat Airways, Srdjan Radovanović, said that it shouldn’t be hard finding new Boeings as the aviation industry was in a deep crisis, and as result new aircraft could be found at affordable prices.

It is uncertain whether the abrupt move has anything to do with plans to create a new national carrier by the end of the year. Jat currently has 16 aircraft in its fleet, some of which are grounded and in need of engine overhauls. All of the airline’s aircraft are expected to be in the sky by July.


  1. Anonymous09:54

    Dick Cheney should buy Jat. Birds of a feather flock together...

  2. Anonymous10:57

    No surprise at all. Mess all over. This company should be shut down for good!

  3. Anonymous12:57

    Let Jat bashing begin.
    How can we trash the company when we know nothing about it. We don't know the inside of this and we dont have any info.
    I am sure that this was the best decision at the moment.
    It could be linked with TKs interest in the company...
    Why get new planes when TK can provide you with some, just like they did with Air BH

  4. Peter from Sydney15:07

    Totally agree with the first two posters. As much as I want to see Jat succeed, the company is in an absolute mess. Why do they constantly keep coming out with 'up beat' stories of new aircraft, new this, new that, only to cancel a couple of weeks later. Why the constant announcements, only to pull the plug at the last minute. Idiots!

  5. Very messy...like everything else in the Balkans

  6. Anonymous19:13

    I relay do not what they are doing with Jat, and why is Jat such a big problem for government.

  7. Anonymous21:04

    Let's hope that creation of new national carrier later this year will go ahead well.
    Jat as such and with status quo is just hopeless!

  8. JU520 BEGLAX06:26

    we need to be patient. Unless the economical situation in Serbia does not changes, wages are going up, more business travellers are enroute to BEG, before that JU will not really recover. You can t just focus and rely on ethnic traffic and some cheap cheal leisure travel. With the help of TK and a hopefully new professional and hungry management will succeed. BEG is a big city, Serbia has a population of 7-8 mio people, that s good enough to have a small but good carrier who connects the most important cities in Europe, have a good connection to its hub in IST and who knows one day will have a long haul operation to the US again. And all our friends in Australia will fly via IST to SYD or MEL. At least TK plans to operate IST-MEL and IST-SYD.

  9. frequentflyer07:31

    Unexpected... I think not!

    The reality is that the airline is unable to afford a new fleet at present. They do need better planes than the aged warriors they currently press into service, but better to make money from what you already own than lose from what you don't...

    @ Anonymous (#7)

    The re-birth will only be successful if like what happened in Greece the Government removes significant people in the current structure, and the country pays for a new fleet. Neither of which has been agreed to for JAT, so removing the debt off their books isn't actually solving the problem.

    Jokes aside, that Airbus order could come in handy after all if re-negotiated at the proper price for these aircraft...


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