New A319 arriving soon

Adria’s new A319
The first of 2 Airbus A319s to be delivered to Adria Airways this year is due to arrive in Slovenia soon. The new aircraft is on a long term financial lease from the AerCap investment group. The aircraft, with its test registration being D-AVWR, is currently in Hamburg, Germany undergoing its final checks prior to delivery. The aircraft will be registered S5-AAP once the test flights are complete.

This is the first time Adria will feature an A319 in its fleet. It has ordered a total of 3 aircraft of this type. The order is part of Adria’s multi million Euro fleet upgrade, which will see the Airbus A320 phased out.

Adria has moved all operations from Ljubljana Airport to Maribor recently as work on the runway upgrade at Slovenia’s largest airport began. Adria has been denied rights to operate charter flights and services to Istanbul from Trieste in Italy as it had apparently applied for a permit too late for the authorities to except.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX09:45

    Great...I was looking for this picture allover and could not find it. Thank you Ex Yu Aviation!
    Aparantely all seats will be leather seats

    I will let u know about its first commercial operations

  2. Anonymous11:28

    WoW that is one sweet looking plane :P


    What other airlines do you have access to?

  3. Looks great!. Maybe Adria could use this aircraft to commence LJU-JFK flights :) On the other hand, I don't really feel happy about Adria phasing out A320s. Didn't JU520 BEGLAX post something yesterday about LJU-BCN flight having over 180 passengers already booked. I think other destinations such as IST, PRN, FRA (BEG is going to become very popular soon too) need bigger aircraft. This recession may have prevented some people from flying and affected airlines' load factors but it's not going to stay like this forever and people will eventually start flying again.


  4. JU520 BEGLAX15:37


    in Ex YU: only to JP

    worldwide I represent the following airlines: EY,BR,KZ,RU,MK,LA,5C

    Regarding JP: I can give you all pax data for all flights 14 ahead.

    Their most popular summer destination is BCN. Sometimes during holiday periods, JP needs to schedule double flights to BCN in order to fly all the bookings.
    Same counts for IST if they have 200 pax booked. Then they operate one A320 and one CRJ on the same night.

    Very popular for city travels in Slovenia are the 01st may holidays Week 27APR until 02MAY you will have full flights to all destinations and for sure double operations to IST and BCN.

    The record to IST was 1 A320 and 2 CRJ in the same night as they had bookings of over 250 passengers.

    Problem for JP is the huge difference between Summer and Winter. From March until early November it runs quite well. Christmas is great too. But in between many destinations are lacking except from maybe ZRH,FRA,MUC,VIE,PRN,IST and sometimes CDG,LGW,SVO,SKP and TIA/TGD.

  5. Hmm...maybe the solution would be for Adria and Slovenia's Tourist Board to promote the country more as a winter destination as well. At the end mountaines and winter sports are a big part of the country's culture and why not trying to stealsoem share from Austria and Switzerland :)

    Sorry JU520 BEGLAX...I know you are from Zwitzerland ;)

  6. Anonymous15:51

    Great to see an A319 in colours of Adria!for their 320s, they were already 20 years old, so they would have to replace them with newer planes anyway.

  7. JU520 BEGLAX16:22


    Adria tries, but their ski-resorts are small and only on lower level (up to 1800 metres) (except for Kanin, but Kanin is so far away from everything).
    Also there is barely some real ski resorts where you have good overnight possibilities and good night life. Kranjska Gora is ok, Maribor maybe ok. But the rest? Bohinj is cosy, but dead.

    If you compare this to Kitzbühel, Sölden, Cortina, St. Moritz, Davos, Zermatt, Verbier or Chamonix = no chance. I know that some LCC are trying to promote Maribor and Pohorje during Winter, but that's about it.
    One day skiing in Slovenia is ok but to come for 1 week to a resort is rather difficult. Also there is a lack of hotels which have good value for money. The rates I pay in Kranskja-Gora, I pay in Austria as well. But there I have a better infrastructure.
    I think more important would be to promote fairs, spa travel and of course conventions and congress tourism during that time and to further invest into the hotel infrastructure in Slovenia.

    @Sam: A319 to would need to have daily 40-50 dudes paying 4000 USD each direction for their C-Class seats (LH, LX have 319 Full Business Class operations to the States). With C/Y Class A319 you can t make the flight profitable. ZRH and FRA to JFK is a different story than LJU-JFK

  8. I agree on one thing. Regardless if it's France, Austria, Slovenia or Croatia, things in Europe compared to the US are way overpriced. High taxes, government interferrance and low productivity. Greece is paying its sins now, who is next?

  9. JU520 BEGLAX17:37


    As a Swiss I must say, I do not see a bright future for the EU and their plans.
    One Europe covering East/West/North plus Balkans, Turkey, Ukraine etc. I don t see a solution. And the problems are getting bigger and bigger and this still without Balkans and Turkey etc

    The people have work, but if 50% of your salary is given to the government and on each spending another 20% for the government. You end up in empty pockets way before the end of the month

    To much corruption, inefficiency, to much administration, bureaucracy and to less spending discipline

    In Switzerland at least you spend max 20% for taxes incl socialtaxes and you have a salary which enables you to go on vacation 2-3 x a year.
    Our VAT is 7.6%, for food even 2%

  10. Here 8% tax, 0% on food (at least New York State). We don't get that much vacation as you guys but at least the system works and there isn't that much bureaocracy as for example in the Balkans where you literally have to take vacation to get the right paper from the government officials.

  11. JU520 BEGLAX20:20

    for all Fans of JAT
    check out

    There u find pictures about JAT, network of 1989, fleet informations and timetable information from 1989

    There is much more to do, so please visit

  12. JU520 BEGLAX20:59

    ADRIA Planned Airbus A319 Routes
    Posted: 09 Apr 2010 12:48 AM PDT
    ADRIA Airways this Summer is introducing its new 135-seater Airbus A319 to its network. As per 09APR10 GDS timetable display, planned First A319 inaugural service is Ljubljana – Skopje on 27APR10. Followed by the inaugural flight, planned service are:

    ROUTE Period Days
    Ljubljana – Amsterdam 24JUL
    Ljubljana – Brussels 10MAY
    Ljubljana – Copenahgen 27MAY – 30MAY
    26JUN – 27JUN
    02JUL – 31JUL Day 47
    Day 6
    Day 26
    Ljubljana – London Gatwick 30APR – 02MAY
    06JUN – 15JUN
    19JUN – 23JUN
    26JUN – 29JUN
    30JUN – 31JUL
    01AUG – 14AUG
    15AUG – 21AUG
    22AUG – 11SEP
    12SEP – 30SEP Day 57
    Day x245
    Day 67
    Day 7
    Day 357
    Day 367
    Day 346
    Day 36
    Day 367
    Ljubljana – Manchester 02JUN
    Ljubljana – Moscow Sheremetyevo 10MAY
    13JUN – 05JUL
    06JUL – 29AUG Day 7
    Day 27
    Ljubljana – Paris CDG JP342/343 09MAY – 23MAY
    17AUG Day 7
    Ljubljana – Paris CDG JP322/323 13MAY
    05JUL – 12JUL
    05SEP Day 1
    Ljubljana – Skopje 27APR – 30APR
    06MAY – 13MAY
    31MAY - Day 24
    Day 4
    Day 24
    Ljubljana – Tel Aviv 17JUN – 06SEP all svc

  13. Anonymous22:54

    Sorry but aren't a few of those cargo airlines?

    Do you have the loads for the next few days of LJU-BEG?
    And also EY's flights to Larnaca :)


  14. JU520 BEGLAX23:52


    yep some of them are cargo airlines
    (KZ,RU,5C e.g)

    MXB-BEG as follows:
    LJU is closed. all JP ops at Maribor until 21APR

    10APR day 6 no flight scheduled
    11APR MXB-BEG 38 Y 01 C CRJ200
    11APR BEG-MXB 19 Y 01 C CRJ200
    12APR flights cancelled
    13APR flights cancelled
    14APR flights cancelled
    15APR flights cancelled
    16APR MXB-BEG 17 Y 03 C CRJ200
    16APR BEG-MXB 17 Y 01 C CRJ200
    17APR day 6 no flight scheduled
    18APR MXB-BEG 06 Y 01 C CRJ200
    18APR BEG-MXB 38 Y 03 C CRJ200
    19APR flights cancelled
    20APR flights cancelled
    21APR flights cancelled
    22APR LJU-BEG 07 Y 00 C CRJ200
    22APR BEG-LJU 07 Y 00 C CRJ200
    23APR LJU-BEG 10 Y 00 C CRJ200
    23APR BEG-LJU 04 Y 01 C CRJ200

    CRJ200 = 48 SEATS

    During Maribor Ops seems that most BEG flights were cancelled.

    EY I can give you next week again, once I m in the office.

  15. frequentflyer14:09

    Whilst these new 319s are a significant downsize for JP, they are newer planes that will serve the airline well.

    It leaves just OU in the exYU operating 320s now, any idea on when they will be replaced in the way the 319s will be replaced from 2012?

    @ JU520

    Thanks for the link to that website - what a read! Never knew there were flights ZAG-INI, wonder how keen the authorities would be in opening up that line again and getting INI filled with flights?


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