Passengers return to Jat

Longer queues for Jat flights
For a third consecutive month, Jat has reported growth in the number of passengers transported when compared to last year. In March 2010, Jat transported a total of 66.134 passengers, an increase of 5%. The news comes despite the airline recording a decrease in the number of operated flights by 5% compared to March 2009. Serbia’s national carrier continues in its mission to regain the Montenegrin market which was tarnished during the first half of last year. Jat saw the number of passengers to Montenegro increase from 6.913 in March 2009 to 8.980 in March 2010. The airline also reported gains on its Euro Mediterranean services (from 55.495 to 55.944) and its charter flights (from 905 to 1.210). The cabin occupancy index also increased by 5%, from 49.9% to 55%.

In March, most of Jat’s destinations reported an increase in the number of passengers. Once again, flights to and from Brussels are marking the greatest improvement with passenger figures increasing by 145%. These good results can be explained by the fact that Serbian passengers from the United States are now using Brussels as their transit point to Belgrade. Services to Tel Aviv reported an increase of 75% and Amsterdam came in third with an increase of 45% compared to last year. Other notable increases include Podgorica, Tivat, Rome and Dusseldorf while flights to Dubai have also reported impressive numbers and a large amount of bookings for the summer months have been made. The greatest decrease in passenger numbers was recorded on flights to Istanbul (37%). Adria’s new service to Ljubljana impacted on Jat with passenger numbers to the Slovenian capital sliding by 27% compared to March 2009. The low cost Niki is yet to make an impact on Jat with passenger numbers to Vienna also increasing.


  1. Anonymous09:45

    It`s me again about JAT`s management. After being confirmed by these numbers, it can easily be suggested that JAT can improve its figures even on the route to Istanbul. Since that route is the single they are loosing ground with competitors (and itself) they should introduce reshaped route to Istanbul via Nis. That move can achieve tripple goal, topped by the strategic one faced to Turkish Airlines, if they are serious about partnership.
    And again, from managerial point of view, JAT has a chance.

  2. Anonymous10:27

    So 5% yoy increase for Jat, while the Airport has seen a 10% yoy increase for the same month...

    Cabin load factor 55%...

    No need to comment further.

  3. Anonymous11:03

    @ Anonymous #2

    In fact, you deserve a comment:
    Apt BEG came into public with approx. numbers only, which said that pax increase is 5% yoy, on average.

  4. is this a copy-paste of a JAT press release?

    reads like it.

  5. Anonymous12:04

    does any one know the belgade airport passenger numbers for the first 3 months. on the airport website they used to update those information every month.

  6. Anonymous12:19

    @ Anonymous #3

    No... the airport came with March numbers of 10%. The January and February numbers were 5%

    Jat came with March numbers of 5%. compared to the airports March numbers of 10%. See the difference? This means that Jat continues to lose market share in BEG.

  7. Anonymous13:26

    Very wierd...
    It can be only company`s press release. What`s wrong with that? Few years before we didn`t have even that much.
    It`s funny. Company with less and less aircrafts is making an increase in pax numbers, and you are claiming lost of market share among a dozen of completely new scheduled airliners on it`s growing hub !?!?!
    It is really diffucult to understand such a negativity...

  8. frequentflyer13:44

    The barriers of travel have finally been opened - visa liberalisation and new airlines on the market. JAT suddenly is forced to compete for the first time in many years, and proves they can make it work.

    Hate to think what they'd be able to do with a better fleet and some creative, adventurous planning...

  9. Anonymous14:03

    I do not understand why are so many people still bashing Jat even when they make a good result!!
    For Gods sake people, lighten up!!!

    This number is actually impressive, we have double flight to Prague, Malev and their daily flight and occupancy over 80%, Niki from Vienna, OS's additional flights... so tell me, how is Jat failing to impress you?
    If they continue like this they can even make a small profit at the end of the year...

  10. JU520 BEGLAX18:36

    JL will resume flights to DBV and LJU in 2010:

    JAL 2010 European Charter Highlights
    JAL’s Summer European charter service for 2010 season are the following. These flights are in conjunction with JTB (Japan Travel Bureau). All service operates with Boeing 747-400

    21AUG10 – 29AUG10 Osaka Kansai – Ljubljana // Dubrovnik – Osaka Kansai
    28AUG10 – 05SEP10 Fukuoka – Sapporo – Dubrovnik // Ljubljana – Sapporo – Fukuoka
    04SEP10 – 11SEP10 Tokyo Narita – Ljubljana // Dubrovnik – Tokyo Narita

  11. JU520 BEGLAX18:44

    On 22JUL JP real Summer Timetable starts. During the closure of LJU airport and diversion of operations to Maribor, some destinations were not served:
    e.g. VIE, MUC and all the new summer destinations such as MAD,BCN,ARN,ATH. DUB and MAN will start later in May
    First flight to BCN on 22APR has already following passengers booked:

    JP 298 LJU-BCN 188 Pax - A/C A320

    means they will have to operate a second aircraft to accomodate all passengers as 320 only takes 164 p.

  12. @ JU520 BEGLAX

    Hmm..very interesting. Seems as the BCN flight is very popular. I am so glad to see Spanair starting flight to ZAG and BEG. Hope their flights get lots of passengers too

  13. JU520 BEGLAX20:41

    Hi Sam,

    BCN is the most popular summer destination out of LJU for JP.
    Actually all the summer destinations are ok. Since years MAN proofes to be good. DUB has each Saturday about 70-80 passengers each direction. MAD was good last year (but 2009 was first year of services to MAD), so he will see how they do in 2010.
    ATH is running well. But on top of all is BCN. I think BCN they should place as all year destination, add more flights during summer and keep 2 during winter. I think they shld not only focus on leisure travel, but also on business travel. But to attract biz travel, u need several flights a week. I have no doubts that they could fill 4 CR2 during Early March until end of November. For the rest they should reduce it to 2 weekly flights.

    Bytheway IST is a very good route for JP too. Since years they have each evening to IST apx 90-160 truck drivers in each direction. Truck drivers who bring their trucks on ferries in Koper or Trieste. The ferry takes the trucks to IST and in the meantime the truckers fly to IST and have their rest.

  14. @ JU520 BEGLAX

    Thanks for the info. I thought the IST was listed as charter fligth as well. When I still lived in Slovenia I used to follow those flights and sometimes there would be 2 A320s flying to IST overnight. I was always wondering where they get that many passenger to fly to IST...but now I finally got the answer :)

    I definitely agree about BCN and even MAD. They are nice places to visit anytime and not just during summer. Do you have any info on how is Adria performing on its Moscow's route?

    Many thanks


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