Sarajevo Airport upgrade

Sarajevo Airport
After the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) approved a loan worth 25 million Euros to Sarajevo Airport a few months ago, the airport signed an agreement with the EBRD during the week allowing it to withdraw the 25 million. The cash will be used for the airport to expand its infrastructure and increase capacity. In recent years, passenger traffic at the airport has increased significantly and continues to grow. Thus, an expansion of the terminal is needed in order to cater for the increasing passenger numbers. The EBRD loan will finance the expansion of the passenger terminal, as well as the expansion of taxiways and the apron, adding almost 7.000 square metres to the current passenger terminal, which stretches for 10.000 square metres, the “Dnevni Avaz” newspaper reports.

The expansion is supported by the Dutch Government, the Western Balkans Fund and EBRD Shareholder Special Fund. With the expansion of its facilities, Sarajevo Airport will also draft a new corporate plan outlining the airport’s future strategy.


  1. Benjamin15:29

    Great! Do you know if they will build an airport in Visoko or not? Any pictures of how it will look after the upgrade?

  2. BOSANCEROS19:47

    No airport in Visoko, but maybe one in Trebinje :D

  3. Zrak00:41

    There has never been any official plans for airport in Visoko. There has been number of proposals by various entities which can be at most characterized as sketchy.

    Argument usually used by proponents of building another airport is that it is close to the city. Another argument is that area is foggy.

    If you look at the first argument you can quickly realize that SJJ is no worse than many airports in much richer countries where regulations on noise are much tighter. LCY in London, BMA in Stockholm, LIN in Milan and so on (Old airport in Hong Kong being most fragrant example).

    Second argument also doesn't stand. While SJJ might have some time down it is not considerable worse than other airports affected by strong winds or fog.

    Current usage of airport is at 23% of its capacity. Capacity of the airport can also be almost doubled by some investment in current runway. Current capacity of the airport is mostly limited by inadequate terminal building which is addressed here and bad traffic infrastructure around airport which will be solved by ongoing plans of building "XII transferzala".

    Btw funny thing is that most people mentioning airport in Visoko themselves do not fly that often nor do they understand mechanisms behind flight industry.

    And actually having airport centrally located in the city is quite good thing for us that actually do fly (not that I fly from SJJ that often but anyways)


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