Air Berlin to Montenegro

To Montenegro from 2011
The first low cost airline to serve Montenegro will be Air Berlin in 2011. The largest German airline, which is not part of the Lufthansa conglomerate, plans to commence services to the country from its hub at Nuremberg Airport. The decision comes after talks were held with Predrag Nenezić, Montenegro’s Minister for Tourism. With the financial crisis still brewing, Montenegro has moved away from the concept of being a holiday destination designated only for the rich and famous.

Following strict protectionist policies, the Minister said that the Government is considering subsidising low cost airlines in order for them to begin flights to Podgorica and Tivat. “The main reason why there haven’t been any low cost airlines in Montenegro so far is because there has been no interest”, Nenezić told the “Pobjeda” newspaper. It’s no secret that the Government has done little to entice low cost airlines to commence flights. Last year, the Ministry for Transport said, “Low cost airlines that are interested in commencing services to Montenegro want certain amenities, such as lower airport taxes, reduced airport handling fees and so on. If we allow this to happen we would seriously be infringing competitiveness regulations and equal rights for all”. The Ministry also warned that there was “a dark side to low cost airlines”.

The European Union abolished entry visas for Montenegrin citizens in December 2009. Montenegro Airlines is expected to be privatised but the process has stalled. Whether the Government plans to privatise its national carrier this year and introduce some competition in 2011 remains to be seen.


  1. Big Welcome to Air Berlin! :)
    I would like to see some interesting routes to/from BEG airport, too! :)
    It would be great if AB starts route i.e. TXL - TGD via BEG, that way BEG-TGD route could receive its first low cost carrier with some really low ticket prices :)

  2. Anonymous12:26

    Does anyone know how Air Baltic stands on flight between BEG-Riga, because I saw that they have already cancelled flights two times.

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  4. Anonymous16:53

    I found Sam's reaction offensive and his comment must be removed from the forum.

  5. Anonymous18:09


    I hope you know that other than Montenegro or Serbian airline cant sale tickets for TGD/TUV-BEG route. You can operate XXX-BEG-TGD route but as a foreign airline you cant sale tickets on BEG-TGD.

    Read more about this here:

  6. @ Anonymous

    Offensive for what? I find it offensive parking my car in the street of TGD overnight and not finding it there the next morning. Any of the Balkan countries is very far away from being so called "destination for rich and famous". Without transparent government, developed infrustructure and anti-corruption laws, they can only dream about seeing rich and famous from the west.

  7. Anonymous19:23

    Montenegrin and Serbian goverment are protecting theirs airlines.That is reason way their citizens have to pay £140 for half a hour each way for flight Podgorica-Belgrade.

  8. Of course I know that is not possible and never will be, but sure something should be done about the protection of national airlines... Around 150e is the cheapest ticket for just a 35-minute-ride! C'mon!? The BEG-BCN round trip is cheaper then that! The price is my only concern...and it's just not right! ;)

  9. frequentflyer09:18

    Air Berlin should do OK with this, flying from an airport unserved by YM or LH. Montenegro shouldn't be chastised for not spending money propping up low-cost airlines if they feel they are earning enough with the flights already in existence... it is their choice.

    @ Anonymous/JU500

    It's all about market prices - the operators on the route realise 1) there is a market/demand for the flights to operate, and 2) the market is willing to pay whatever the price set. If the price was higher, likely less would want to fly. A little like going to the market for your groceries... if my memory serves me right, these are the basic principles of business?

    The only solution to bringing down the prices is to open up competition, but which exYU govt is willing to take the chance??


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