Jat close to Airbus deal?

Joining Jat's flock in 2012?
The 12 year saga between Jat Airways and Airbus may soon come to an end, acceding to some Serbian media and the CEO of the Serbian national carrier. The politically motivated order for 8 Airbus A319s, in 1998, never materialised but Jat has already paid 23.5 million US Dollars for the aircraft. According to the media, the airline will now purchase 4 Airbus A319s, due to be delivered between 2012 and 2013.

“We are still negotiating, but a deal is imminent. Airbus has offered us good terms and has lowered their initial asking price. The problem is that Airbus wants to be paid 14 million Euros immediately while the rest would be paid off until 2022”, a source close to the airline said, adding that the immediate payment would be difficult for Jat to make. The news was confirmed several days ago by Srdjan Radovanović, Jat’s CEO, who said that the terms set out by Airbus are better than those previously offered and that it involves 4 aircraft that would be paid off within the next 12 years. Reportedly, the Serbian carrier is also hoping to get free training for its pilots and maintenance crews from the Toulouse aircraft manufacturer.

The 1998 order was worth a total of 580 million US Dollars.


  1. Anonymous09:02

    I heard they were planning to lease two Beoing 777-200ER aircraft and restart flights to JFK and PEK.

  2. Anonymous09:15

    777 for JAT - not in your wildest dreams!

    Airbus will give JAT training and a good deal, and for only half the fleet size they initially ordered.

    A319 is a good plane and will be a welcome addition to JAT's current dinosaurs

  3. B772ER? Are you kidding me? :)
    That would be great, but still... :)

    I hope that this charade with A319 will be finally over..

  4. Anonymous09:58

    no, the 777 is wrong, they are in talks with Airbus to get some 380's for their JFK flights to be operated via Banja Luka ;)

  5. JATBEGMEL10:02

    I think brining in Airbus aircraft is stupid considering that JAT crew are very experienced on the 737's and that JAT Tehnika have trained mechanics and spare parts for the 737's. I just hope brining in these A319's isnt going to be too costly for JAT.

    But with the 4 aircraft to come in, what about the other 4? Is it possible to downgrade the other 4 to A318's while the A320 family is coming into the fleet or 2 A320's instead?

    @ anonymous

    i think someone should lay off the pot :p lol

  6. Anonymous10:30

    I heard jat will fly to brac airport for summer 2011 so these new planes will come in handy.

  7. TK07711:07

    319 is good choice for ex-yu airlines.
    I hope they achieve to pay that 14 million Euros immediately.
    What about the money they get from headquarters building sale.
    Is it possible to shift that money to airbus.

  8. Anonymous11:21

    This sudden change in attitude from Airbus could have something to do with TK’s interests in Jat.

  9. I bet that changes made by Airbus have been influenced by Turkish Airlines intentions to buy JAT ;)

    JUs' A380 BEG-BNX-JFK ahahahhahha :))))

    BTW - does someone know why JK has MAD-BEG flight tomorrow? That is suppose to be on friday, not tomorrow... plus JP has one more flight LJU-BEG JP3214 tomorrow, too...and Solinair 271 from TSR...

  10. Anonymous11:38

    It is JK promotional flight, JP charter and Solinair cargo flight.

  11. frequentflyer14:16

    How linked is this announcement to the repeated visits by Airbus over the past few months? JAT is now in the best position to finally let the Airbus issue rest after a decade with a stagnating global economy pushing down aircraft prices and orders...

    @ 777/380 rumours

    As JU doesn't operate first class, I assume that 380 will be a 2-class config (well over 600 seats). Would make a great shuttle BEG-TGD when it's not running long distances like BNX with unbeatable CASK... YM should be very worried!

  12. Anonymous20:24

    Well I am sure that they will introduce the first class on the flights to Montenegro, aren't they the new Monaco? ;)
    Plus they can always send it to Zurich, Vienna and Stuttgart as they can fill it up with pevaljke ;)

  13. ANONYMOUS01:11

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. there is no sense in this. after all, state is in process of founding new company, and thus that Airbus deal might be pronounced invalid

  15. Anonymous13:24

    well maybe they will just tranfer the Airbuses to TK who will ship some 700's to JU


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