Jat sells headquarters

Jat moving to the airport
Jat Airways has sold its headquarters building to the state owned Telekom Srbija. The building, located in Belgrade, fetched 10.3 million Euros and will come in handy for the airline which is struggling with financial problems. Jat will use 8 million Euros to pay off part of the 10 million Euro loan it took from the Serbian Government in February 2009. The 8.500 square metre office building had been shared with Telekom Srbija for decades. It is believed that Jat will stay in the building for several months after which it will move to its mostly unused office building at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.

Meanwhile, in a letter to the CEO of the airline, the Ministry for Infrastructure said that Jat would experience minimal disruption as a result of the creation of a new Serbian national carrier and Jat’s successor. The new airline, in which the Government will invest 400.000 American dollars, is expected to start up by the end of the year, taking over Jat’s brand, destinations, employees and fleet.

Jat’s HQ, known as the Jat Business Centre, was opened in May 1996. The entire building takes up 25.000 square metres although the airline sold 17.000 square metres to other companies several years ago in order to boost revenue.

Airspace reopened

Airspace across most of Europe, with the exception of Portugal, has reopened today after a weekend of disruption caused by ash emitted for the Icelandic volcano.