Ljubljana profit takes a tumble

Small passenger increase recorded
Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport saw its first quarter net profit fall by 37.3% year on year to 424.000 Euros, the “STA” news agency reports. Earnings fell by 66.8% compared to the first quarter of 2009 to 169.000 Euros. It should be noted that Ljubljana Airport was shut down for 2 weeks due to a runway overhaul. Still, the airport managed to increase its passenger numbers by a symbolic 0.6% to 240.588 passengers. Cargo was up 15.7% while 9.239 passengers transited through Ljubljana Airport, up 0.2% on last year.

The airport’s management is happy with the figures saying that it didn’t expect to see big increases in this first quarter. Passenger arrivals and departures were on par with 2009. The global financial crisis has led to cost cutting by airlines which the management says is the reason fewer people are using Ljubljana for transit.

Besides Adria Airways, the airport is used by easyJet, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Jat Airways, CZA Czech Airlines and Montenegro Airlines.


  1. LH flight number changes (eff. Nov10):
    LH1404 – 1411 Frankfurt – Serbia
    LH1412 – 1415 Frankfurt – Croatia
    LH1424 – 1431 Frankfurt – Bulgaria
    LH1700 – 1749 Munich – Balkans
    LH1750 – 1759 Munich – Greece

    JU increases MIR (to 4f/w) and TUN (to 2f/w):
    JU460 1, JU470 4
    JU462 1, JU466 4, JU468 2,5

  2. JU520 BEGLAX15:03


    LH has daily 5 flights into Belgrade.. mostly operated with 319 and 737 aircraft. They must fly around 500 passengers each day in and out.... good destination for them

    Re JP to BEG: I see that still many flights are operated with low amount of passengers.....but it needs time to develop and who knows in 1-2 years they will go to double daily as they do already for PRN and SKP.
    Since JP is reducing it s fleet in September by 1 CRJ, 1 CRJ and 1 320 I have heard that they plan also to reduce flights to some destinations. BRU is already reduced to double daily. However these flights proove now to have a good load factor. Mostly they are operated with CR9 and 319

  3. frequentflyer09:30

    Just think what the loss would have been if the airport had closed, and THEN the volcanic ash drama occurred (rather than concurrently)?

    @ JU500

    Any idea why the change in numbers from LH? Is it because of more flights, or many numbers now out of order? You'd think once an airline has its regular numbers for a country/region they'd stick with them!

    @ JU520

    That's probably the best way to build up a route - start with a small aircraft and build up the seats over time as you gain a regular clientele and reputation.

    I believe OU should be looking to do something similar with their planned flights to BEG.


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