Losses and gains

Adria reports 13.5 million loss
Slovenian flag carrier Adria Airways registered an operating loss of 12.2 million Euros and a net loss of 13.5 million Euros in 2009, according to Wednesday's issue of the Slovenian daily “Dnevnik”. Jat Airways’ net loss in 2009 amounted to 23.5 million Euros while Croatia Airlines’ loss came out to 27.3 million Euros.

Meanwhile, after almost 20 years, Mali Lošinj Airport, located on the island of Lošinj in Western Croatia, handled its first aircraft. Some 40 tourists from Innsbruck in Austria arrived on the island. The airport had to invest 300.000 Kuna (41.296 Euros) in security in order for the Austrians to agree to commence flights. The director of the airport, Alan Horvat, said “This line for us will not be profitable. However, we hope to have similar flights next season that would not only connect Mali Lošinj to Innsbruck but to Vienna too, maybe Munich as well. If we had five to six lines per week we would turn a profit”.

The airport’s director admits that greater interest will be generated once the runway is extended by at least 1.500 metres.


  1. frequentflyer09:38

    LSZ, Croatia's forgotten international airport! It all depends on tourism to make this airport a success, but the money should be a wise investment.

    Good luck to them, though they're living in hope getting direct lines to MUC... why not try for a direct line to ZAG first?

  2. Anonymous19:11

    Any flight times available?
    Was airplane DH83?

  3. Anonymous19:15


  4. Mali Losinj is a beautiful part of the adriatic and has huge tourism potential! Can an OU Q400 operate in and out? If so, where is Croatia Airlines in all this?????

  5. frequentflyer10:48

    @ Q400

    Fully loaded, it is 1400m, though off memory the bare minimum needed is around 950m. Fuel weight may have something to do with it too. Current runway length is 900m (airline authorities looking to extend to ~1200). The old OU AT4s never stood a chance...

    So yes, a possibility, if they limit the amount of seats sold on each flight. And yes, OU not being proactive on such a route - surely you're not surprised?


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