Low cost snub

Wizz Air cancels Zagreb flights, Germanwings dumps Sarajevo
The low cost airline Wizz Air will cancel its Dortmund – Zagreb service only 2 months after its launch. The airline commenced flights from the German city to the Croatian capital in late March but will be discontinuing the service on May 29. Initially, the route was served 3 times per week and shortly after was reduced to 2 weekly flights. Low interest is blamed for the cancellation. Nevertheless, Wizz Air will keep its presence in Zagreb with flights from London Luton Airport.

Meanwhile, across the boarder, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germanwings has announced that it will cancel all services to Sarajevo. The airline operates flights from Stuttgart and Cologne to the Bosnian capital twice per week. The services will end on October 30. On the other hand, there is some good news. Norwegian Air Shuttle will resume its seasonal flights from Oslo to Sarajevo on June 30. The flights will operate from Oslo’s second airport, Rygge. Flight details can be found in the new route launches section on the right hand side.


  1. frequentflyer10:07

    Let's see: OU couldn't make flights profitable from nearby DUS, and nearest low-cost airport CGN sees daily(?) flights to ZAG by 4U. These flights (at quite low frequency) seemed a low-risk option for W6 to test the waters for ZAG, and it hasn't worked. W6 would be better trying flights from its bases in BUD and WAW.

    And as for fortress *A, SJJ can't seem to attract the passengers, making comments like new airports at Trebinje and success at existing OMO, BNX and TZL more and more surreal...

  2. Anonymous10:50

    Not sure why Germanwings did such a thing... It's pritty sure that this plane was FULL on It's every service... maybe they 'll start Mostar or Tuzla service

  3. Wizz have very good offer from London to Dubrovnik and Split for whole summer for around £80 return.Just booked ticket for Dubrovnik for £75 and paid three times cheaper then with Montenegro airlines for same period for £270.

  4. Anonymous12:48

    This news with regard to pullout of GWI from SJJ confirms it as a basket case of ex-Yu airports, both in terms of lack of vision of future development and pax increase.
    Inept management(BH airlines development tax, etc...) and bad luck with quite a few airlines (SWR, AZA pulled out because of restructuring), BAW because of wrong aircraft and airport, CSA who knows....
    But I am still surprised with GWI decision, flew them three times to CGN as connection airport, load factor never seemed below 50%, unable to book twice because flights were full...
    But one word comes to mind when SJJ is mentioned...stagnation!


  5. Anonymous13:18

    I could understand why they would pull out of Sarajevo, it would make more sense as they need visas and all, but for Zagreb, I just can't.
    Life standard is much higher in Croatia than Bosnia and so there should be more demand, but it seems to me that Zagreb is so underserved, especially when compared to Belgrade. Both cities are pretty much the same (size) and both are the economic centres of the their respective countries. Just look at Belgrade, in the past year we had about 10 airlines start flights.
    Now the question is why is Zagreb so uninteresting for airlines to fly to..!?

  6. @ above anonymous....

    Re' Zagreb v Belgrade - Don't forget Croatia has 5 airports with decent service to major centre in Europe and Serbia just has one, Belgrade. In other words, around 5 million people fly in and out of Croatia every year compared to about 2 million in Serbia but the passengers are spread over 5 airports.

  7. Anonymous15:21

    Now JA could reintroduce their SJJ-CGN/STR service(s)...

  8. Anonymous17:02

    Germanwings is canceling only Stuttgart service(one weekly flight, will be back in march of 2011 again, NOT COLOGNE!!!
    Please no more disinformation..

  9. Hey everyone,
    it's been a while for me..

    4U is reducing CGN to 2x a week in Winter Schedule, not dropping it!

    About the STR-route you are right however, this route will be cancelled.

    CGN-flights are not impopular I believe..


  10. I only hope that BEG won't have the same future as ZAG on the WZZ DTM route...
    Still, it's a shame for ZAG...

  11. Anonymous21:41

    that is true that Croatia has 5 airports, but during the winter time those airports have minimal number of flights. Still Zagreb should see more airlines, it is the administrative and economical centre of the country!

  12. Anonymous00:25

    Germanwings is only pulling out their service on the Sarajevo-Stuttgart route until March 2011. The Cologne-Sarajevo route is gonna remain as it is now. You have to check things first before sending out disinformation.


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