Mat Airways ready to fly

Look whose back
Macedonian newcomer Mat Airways is eagerly awaiting to take to the sky. All it needs now is the most important piece of the puzzle, a license from Macedonia’s Civil Aviation Agency, which has proved a challenge to come by. Mat Airways has been formed by Serbia’s largest tour operator, Kon Tiki Travel based in Belgrade. Kon Tiki is also planning to set up a charter airline in Serbia this summer.

The Serbian tour operator has said that together with another Serbian company, the Metropolitan Investment Group, it has invested great means into the new Mat, the “Makfax” news agency reports. The airline has denied that it has links with the former national carrier of Macedonia saying that the 2 only share a similar name. The airline will operate charter services with a Boeing B737-500, which used to belong to MAT Macedonian Airlines before it was grounded by the country’s Civil Aviation Agency. Mat Airways currently counts 60 employees.


  1. JATBEGMEL09:49

    Isnt Kon tiki working with Aviogenex this summer? I doubt theyre starting an airline.

  2. Nice,
    i told you earlier they were not rejected from MCAA.
    They are still waiting for reply.
    This was confirmed from CAA authorities 10 days ago.
    If they start flying then they promise to operate direct flights from OHD!
    but it is very intresting who is hiding behind MEtropilitan Investment Group.


  3. Anonymous10:50

    I believe Kon tiki launched baloon about set up of charter airline in Serbia in course of preparation for plan B in case of possible final failure in Skopje. Now it seems resolved. By that, it is growing possibility that Kon tiki will privatize Serbian Aviogenex rather than set up of new charter airline in Serbia.

  4. Shalom!13:34

    Metropolitan Investment Group d.o.o. je firma u vlasništvu Miodraga Topalovića (vlasnik 40% akcija) i Bojana Šurkalovića (60%). Prvi je rođen 1977. a drugi 1985, što verovatno znači da neko drugi stoji iza kompanije. Ukupan upisan kapital, novčani i nenovčani, je 10.500 evra. Evo linka o firmi:

  5. it is very itnresting who is really behind all that :)
    but let's hope will come up everything good on the end.
    and MAT will be again in the sky :)


  6. Great news!!Hope to see the macedonian livery again.
    That desperately needed MAT-capable management to put up with the competition, serious investor like Kon Tiki, new business strategy..
    Wish them good luck!

  7. JATBEGMEL11:35

    @ anonymous

    Aviogenex isnt owned by Kon Tiki therefore cannot privatise it. Genex can privatise it and there is talks of privatisation, maybe Kon Tiki will buy in.

    @ IN007

    i doubt the MAT livery will return. New airline, new imagine, new start, new everything.

  8. Anonymous18:50

    28.5.2010 12:34:00 | Source/Author PressCut
    MAT Airways, which is owned by Belgrade-based Kon-Tiki and Metropolitan Investment Group, will withdraw from Macedonia if Macedonian authorities do not grant them license for flying in one week. The management of the airline had a meeting with the Civil Aviation Agency (ACV) today, where they were solving dilemmas about whether MAT Airways is in fact the former MAT Airlines and why the company does not have the operational license yet.

    So far, the airline company has invested EUR 5 million and provided more than 60 employments. Its plans are to organize flights to several European metropolises and to engage in tourism in Macedonia.

  9. So it is..Since Mr. Krstevski is no more at the head of ACV, fortunately, I hope they will get the liscence, otherwise the business goes to Serbia.
    And about the livery, one of the Kon Tiki managers said that only 2 things will remain from the previous brand, the abbreviation MAT and the macedonian flag livery.
    And I think some of the FA's-if there any left as many are now employed by the other airline AirliftSkywings International or whatever it's name is.
    The plane that will operate for them is B735.

  10. Anonymous08:59

    As far as I know, some flight attendants are from former MAT but they are also taking new ones - I am waiting for an interview (but I have valid FA licence, so I don't know if they are gonna actually train the new ones).

  11. Anonymous22:19

    it is the best , there is a big investment in macedonia why the CAA is rejecting them.?

  12. Anonymous08:00

    maybe because there is no money going into their pockets? ;)


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