New airline – Kon Tiki Sky

New airline in Serbia’s skies
It seems that Serbia will soon get a new airline. Kon Tiki Sky, to be operated by the region’s largest tour operator Kon Tiki Travel, will organise charter flights at first but may later indulge in scheduled services. The owner of Kon Tiki Travel, Slobodan Mićić said, “There couldn’t be a better way to celebrate our 20th birthday. We have already purchased an aircraft and it is in the process of being registered”. It is unknown which aircraft type the company has chosen. It is believed that the Kon Tiki decided to create its airline in Serbia after plans to create Mat Airways in Macedonia failed.

Kon Tiki Travel operates tours to various countries around the world with Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey and Greece being the most popular with Serbian tourists. Mićić told the “Tanjug” news agency that the company recorded unprecedented bookings for the May Day long weekend with many choosing to spend the short holiday in Spain and Italy.

If Kon Tiki Sky becomes a reality it could hurt Jat Airways’ charter operations. The Serbian national carrier currently has a contract with Kon Tiki to transport its holiday makers to various parts of Europe and Northern Africa.