New Dubrovnik terminal opens

New look Dubrovnik Terminal B
The most modern airport terminal in Croatia has been opened by the Croatian Prime Minister, Jadranka Kosor, in Dubrovnik. The opening of Terminal B is part of a massive multi million Euro airport project which will also see the redevelopment of another terminal.

The new terminal building stretches over 13.700 square metres. In the arrivals hall, located on the ground floor of the terminal, one will find 3 conveyer belts for baggage claim, 2 for international flights and 1 for domestic services. The first and second floors stretch over 1.300 square metres and contain 4 gates and 2 air bridges. Offices and a gallery have been placed on the third floor. The new terminal has retail space of up to 575 square metres where a duty free shop, 2 coffee bars and a bistro, as well as tour operators’ offices are located. Dubrovnik Airport is the first in Croatia to contain air bridges or, as the director of the airport said, “dry crossings” from the terminal to the aircraft.

The “Croatian Times” web portal adds that Dubrovnik Airport will now be able to handle some 2 million passengers. This is the third of five phases of the airport’s development. Prime Minister Kosor announced the reconstruction of Terminal C, which will be extended and stretch over 17.800 square meters. So far Terminal A has also been extended.

There was more good news for Dubrovnik after the low cost airline announced that it will commence seasonal flights from Belfast to the Croatian city during the 2011 summer season.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX10:25

    Nice but everything goes so slow. First jetbrigeds in Croatia, woowwwww, welcome to a civilized other places jetbridges exist already 50 years

    Why only two jetbridges? Like in Ljubljana, it takes almost a decade to construct them a new airport terminal. And even they have 4 jetbridges, the JP fleet consists of 2 A319, 1 A320 and 4 CRJ900, so 7 aircrafts to be used via airbridges. LJU original plan was to have 8 jetbridges by 2008 latest, now we probably wont see them before 2013 if even by then...

  2. Anonymous10:30

    YAY!!! Still great news, all this airport needs is JUs plane there and then its going to be perfect! :)
    Plus I am sure that they kept it like this as what are they going to do with the terminal in winter...

  3. Who ever was in charge of designing airports in the old Yugo didn't see the need for Jet bridges I guess. Sarajevo only got them when it was the host airport for the winter Olympics and Belgrade was the only other airport in ex Yu to have air bridges.

    Personally, I like the tarmac walk to and from the aircraft.

    All in all, great Job Dubrovnik! The terminal looks great too. Resemble the aerofoil of a wing.

  4. JU520 BEGLAX15:32

    ex Yu airports in 2010 should have been like this:

    BEG ok but old domestic part could have been refurbished and BEG airport could use a bigger retail part
    LJU new terminal and 8 bridges
    ZAG new terminal and 8 bridges
    DBV new terminal and 4 bridges
    SPU new terminal and 4 bridges
    SJJ ok but in need of 3rd bridge
    SKP new terminal and 3 bridges
    PRN new terminal and 3 bridges

    I hope by 2020 we will see more

  5. Faris17:12

    @Q400 - IIRC the new terminal with the jet bridges was built after the winter olympics as the old terminal (terminal A) at SJJ had a sign (probably still has) that said "Welcome to the Olympic city."

    @JU520 - I agree SJJ is a nice airport and the jet bridges are fine... but aren't they planning expansion of the airport after that loan from the EBRD? That development may include a 3rd of 4th jet bridge for SJJ.

    Anyone know what airlines will be using the new terminal at DBV? Will Wizzair? (Doubt it.)

    Anoyne have any news on the Sarajevo airport works?

  6. JU520 BEGLAX17:36


    I think I read something about expansion of SJJ, but don t know how many bridges. I only know that Sarajevo won an award being the most convenient airport under 1 mio, but that was a couple years ago. I m sure that SJJ could use 4 bridges for the future. If LJU and ZAG will have 8 that be good for at least 10-15 years, don t think they will grow that fast. Problem in LJU is that the 4 bridges are devided into 2 non schengen and 2 schengen. So in the morning you have maybe MUC,FRA,ZRH,CDG,BRU,BCN and all of them are CRJ9 or 319, you only have two flights boarded thru the bridge. That s why in my eyes they should upgrade it to 3 non schengen and 5 schengen bridges. let s see how all will develop..

  7. LH got its first A380! :D

    btw - congrats to DBV airport! :)


  8. JU520 BEGLAX said...

    last i heard that SKP new terminal will have 6 air bridges.
    this is in the project of TAV.

    and congratilations to DBV,


  9. frequentflyer09:59

    Whilst I will agree that the bridges are long overdue at Croatian airports, are airbridges really necessary for turboprop and regional-jet flights? Given that a great deal of the regional travel is done by these little 50-70 seaters at airports right around the ex-YU, walking out on the tarmac is obviously a far more sensible and cost-effective option...


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