New terminal opening soon

Coming soon: Dubrovnik’s new terminal
Dubrovnik Airport is getting ready to open its new multi million Euro terminal, which will make the airport the most modern in the country, ahead of Croatia’s busiest hub Zagreb. The opening of Terminal B is set to take place mid May. In 4 days technical checks of the terminal will commence.

The new terminal building stretches over 16.740 square metres. In the arrivals hall, located at the ground floor of the terminal, one will find 3 conveyer belts for baggage claim, 2 for international flights and 1 for domestic services. The first and second floors stretch over 1.300 square metres and will contain 4 gates and 2 air bridges. Offices and a gallery will be placed on the third floor. The new terminal will also have retail space of up to 575 square metres where a duty free shop, 2 coffee bars and a bistro, as well as tour operators’ offices will be located. A VIP lounge will take up 125 square metres.

With the addition of the new terminal, Dubrovnik Airport will have the capacity to handle 2 million passengers. The total price tag of the project amounts to approximately 170 million Kuna (23.4 million Euros).


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    What will happen to the old terminal?


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