Rijeka says no to Ryanair

Rijeka Airport
The “Rijeka Danas” internet portal has revealed that Rijeka Airport’s management and the town authorities rejected an offer from Ryanair last year to begin services to the coastal town because the two sides could not agree on suitable destinations. Wile Ryanair wanted to commence seasonal flights from Cologne in Germany and Pisa in Italy, the airport wanted the world’s largest low cost airline to commence services from Birmingham and London in the United Kingdom. The former director of the airport said that there was no point for flights to originate from Pisa because Italians come to Rijeka by car. The portal notes that because of this decision Rijeka’s citizens can not use Pisa, one of Ryanair’s largest hubs, as a transit point to Western Europe and Northern Africa.

Rijeka Airport is in deep financial problems. More about the airport’s financial woes can be read here. Since Ryanair is heavily subsidised for its flights to Croatia, it is debatable whether Rijeka Airport’s authorities should have the right to set down the terms of the deal. Ryanair has helped wake up many airports in Croatia due to seasonal and all year round services.


  1. Anonymous09:10

    It is more likely that Rijeka Airport could not afford to pay enough to Ryanair to use the airport based on the projected pax volumes and income it would bring to the area.

  2. what is next in Macedonia, will now finnaly come cheaper flights when we have national carrier, with extremly poor website!

    Airlift Service airline said on Monday it has become the sole national carrier in Macedonia.

    In a statement released earlier today, the airline claims it was given a green light by the Civil Aviation Administration to offer services to all destinations.

    Airlift currently operates flights to Istanbul, Düsseldorf, Vienna, Rome, Zürich, Brussels, Hamburg/Berlin and Copenhagen.

  3. Anonymous14:14

    Yesterday plane has crashed in Bihac... that's much important news than Rijeka reject Ryanair...

  4. ^ You might have not noticed but this site focuses on commercial aviation only

  5. Anonymous15:44

    Well, It writes "EX - YU aviation news" not "EX - YU commercial aviation news"
    Whtatever... good blog! Good luck! :)

  6. Anonymous20:57

    Well I cant belive that Rijeka has rejected such a deal!!!! They atleast could of waited and Ryanair might of introduced flights to London and Dublin. Oh and I am happy Ryanair fly to Croatia its just a shame that even when they are subsadised greatly they still cant operate year round route to zadar. Come on Ryanair expand plese what about Ploce Aiport and Brac Airport!!!

  7. JU520 BEGLAX21:10

    Adria´s 2nd A319 arrived today from Hamburg at 1936h in LJU

    First commercial flight will be this Thursday 13MAY at 0745h to Zurich ZRH. After returning from ZRH, the 2nd flight will be scheduled to Pristina PRN.

    A/C Registration: S5-AAR

  8. Anonymous21:56

    Oh please is the runway really long enough on Brac for a B737 of Ryanair?

  9. Anonymous22:00

    Well Brac is 1440 meters in length

  10. Anonymous22:33

    Hmm I see it seems for the 737-800 which ryanair use it would need 2400-2500 meters strip to take off. I get your point now!

  11. ANONYMOUS02:17

    A 737-800, depending on the configuration, can takeoff and land with 1800m minimum at maximum takeoff weight (MTOW).

    On the topic at hand - well done to Rijeka for telling Ryanair to F*ck off. Ryanair thinks airports should pay them to fly, which is a ridiculous concept which Ryanair uses to put everyone else out of business. Airports around Europe are waking up to this scam and slowly but surely beginning to push back against Ryanair.

  12. Interesting how cities / airports actually pay Ryanair to use there facilities.

    Is this aloud to happen in EU countries?

  13. Anonymous09:11

    If the Ryanair subsidies are taken to the logical conclusion then it could be looked at as those airlines that are paying the airports are actually subsidising Ryanair who are undercutting them. Is this fair business practice?

  14. frequentflyer10:34

    RJK airport, who months ago was almost declaring bankruptcy according to a story on this forum, has no money to pay any airline to force/entice them to operate at their airport. Good on them for showing Ryanair the door!


    Spot on! Chances are their base costs would be no longer artificially-lowered (matching U2 or W6) who are often titled for using 'major' airports. Matter of fact, they could end up being a more expensive operation!?

    Methinks also O'Leary's behaviour and business ethic may finally be coming back to bite him - just look at his inability to get a new 737 deal with Boeing...

    @ Q400

    Yes. It's about the airport paying part of the over airlines fee at that said airport. Undercutting yes, but not proven to be sustainable...

  15. cro boy11:55

    Ok you guys can complain about Ryanair but at the end of the day they provide us with the cheapest airfare. The whole of my Life Croatia Airlines has been chargeing DISCUSTING PRICES over the winter period for me to Visit my family in Croatia. Ryanair and easyjet are the only airlines that help me see my family over the winter period.

  16. ANONYMOUS16:54

    I'm not complaining about Ryanair - it's the stupid airport managers and the idiots who run the so-called 'flag carriers' who are the losers.

    Ryanair (which was based on Southwest Airlines in the US) has been the best thing to happen to aviation in the last 25 years.

    However, they are con artists, and they need to be handled carefully as they are very happy to put their suppliers out of business.

    The way Ryanair structure their airport charges is as follows:

    They'll pay an all inclusive charge to use the airport, so they're not technically getting 'paid' to fly into an airport. But they then make the airport pay a Ryanair marketing subsidiary in order to 'market' the airport on ryanair.com

    The total value of the payments for 'marketing on Ryanair's website' is often more than the fees Ryanair pay to land/takeoff.

    The 'marketing subsidiary' is usually based somewhere like the Caymen Islands or some other tax free area - so they're cheating on taxes too. Clever, eh?

  17. Anonymous01:00

    Right so why would all the big airports who dont need ryanair that much still take them in and pay them this market subsidery ?

  18. The big ones don't. They already have no room / slots available as is. Its the little airports competing for business that pay Ryanair.

  19. Anonymous14:36

    We don't have to love Ryanair, this is strictly business. Most regions that they fly to, have benefited greatly and i think Rijeka has made a mistake.
    Still, unless we know the fine details, we we can never be sure.

  20. Anonymous16:07

    I'm an old hand from the groundcrew unit from Sth-Arlanda ARL/ESSA and had for ages summer residence on Adriatic coast. Having Norwegan air flying to Split, and now Ryanair to be lading to Rijeka gives lots of folks easier to alternate depending on seacoast villages. Lots of Nordics I belive shall use Sth-Skavsta NYO/ESKN cause big & small shall vacation in north Ariatic Kvarner sea. Lets hope for the best. Reg, 'Groundcrew'


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